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Best Sounding Bluetooth Earbuds

Are you tired of being tethered by the wires that inevitably connect your headphones to your phone? If you are, then it’s time for a change in your life. Thanks to the bluetooth wireless earbuds on the market, listening to music and talking is easier than ever. Wireless earphones are a must-have for all music lovers and heavy users of mobile devices who enjoy having a hands-free portable “communication center”.

So what are wireless earpods and is it worth spending the extra money on some regular earphones? Earbuds are designed to eliminate the tangled mess of wires by using Bluetooth to connect your device with them. They are the new hot trend. The ability to talk on your phone and listen to music without having a cord hanging around your neck is liberating. Imagine sitting on a plane, lying in bed, or simply walking on the streets!

While Bluetooth wireless earbuds offer convenience, there are so many different kinds of them out there that price, battery life, and sound quality can differ greatly between models. What is the difference between Bluetooth wireless earbuds and corded headphones?

The biggest difference between corded headphones and wireless is the cords. With wireless earbuds, you don’t have to worry about tangling yourself up during your run, or getting them caught doorknob you’re headed out.

What to Consider before Getting Bluetooth Earbuds

Before you head out and buy a pair, consider how you’ll use them. If you plan to use them while running or working out, look for a sweat-resistant model that fits snuggly in your ears so it won’t fall out when you’re on the move. If you want to listen to music, check the specs for audio quality. Here are some other things to consider:


If you’re using them for running or exercising, make sure the connection is secure and won’t fall out of your ears.

Battery life

What’s the battery life? Look for at least six hours of battery life between charges if you’ll be using your earpods for listening to music or podcasts, or making calls or long workouts. Most wireless earbuds cost between $100-200, but many will only run for 3-4 hours at a time. Make sure you get a pair that lasts long enough to get through your activity.


It may seem obvious, but not all wireless earbuds are created equal in terms of comfort. If you’re going to be wearing them for long period, make sure the material is soft and fits well in your ear canal. If your earpods tend to fall out, look for a pair that has rubber tips in different sizes so you can choose one that fits snugly.

Advantages of Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth wireless earphones have several advantages compared to traditional headphones.

Wireless earpods don’t have any cords, so you can move around freely without having to worry about snagging the cord on anything or getting tangled up in it.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds are ideal for listening to music or talking on the phone while doing other activities like exercising, cooking, or working. You can put them in your ears and then move around your home or office, even interacting with others.

Wireless earpods are also much more portable than traditional headphones. They’re small and easy to carry, and you don’t have to worry about wrapping up the cord each time you want to put them away.

Wireless earbuds often weigh less than standard headphones, which can be a big advantage if you wear them for long periods.

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