American Akita Dog’s Traits

American Akita Dog’s Traits

You may be looking for a pet dog that has a more intimidating and noble presence. If you can handle the ones with assertive personalities, then the American Akita may be the best choice for you. These pets were initially used to guard and watch over the nobility and royalties during the feudal times in Japan.

They were known to track and hunt black bears, wild boars, and deer in the wild, and they are the best if you’re living near the woods. You can get an Akita puppy from a legitimate breeder so that you can train them while they’re still young. Know that these breeds will not back down from a challenge, and they are not frightened easily by almost anything.

These canines are very loyal to the entire family, and they serve as guardians. Their pet parents are amusing canines that are respectful and very affectionate when they were socialized at a very young age.

Caring for the Breed

Know that an American Akita will do a bit of shedding, and you may be busy wiping drool from all over their faces. This is normal in the few days when you’ve brought them one. You should be prepared for a bit of clean-up and training as an owner, as these canines are stubborn. They are not fond of strangers, and trainers may be out of the question as it’s essential for you not to break your bond with your pet. This is not for novices, and they need experienced trainers to help them interact with other family members and animals in the home.

Aside from their strong personalities, you can always count on them to be faithful to you. They are attached to you for life, and they enjoy a show of affection or two once in a while. They want to be with you and can show their love in their ways. When you adopt an Akita, it will be a lifelong friend who will always defend you and never let you down. Read more about facts about domestic canines that you may not know on this site here.

More Information about the Breed

The bold and big dog has a slightly powerful appearance, and it will have a rugged stance. The triangular eyes are smaller than their heads, and the mere presence of these dogs will discourage any burglars who want to cause trouble into your property.

While they are renowned for being bodyguards in feudal Japan, and their nature hasn’t changed for decades, you’ll be surprised by the sweetness and unwavering loyalty that they display with their owners. You’ll have an affectionate canine and a loving protector that tends to follow you from one room to another. You would have thought that their entire mission or the reason they were born is to serve and protect you solely.

Since they have a will of their own, they tend to have plenty of opinions about what they should do inside their house. You may hear them mumbling about something accompanied by moans and grunts. They are very vocal about what they think, but they don’t usually bark if there’s no reason. Some pet parents notice that these opinion mutterings become regular, and you may find your canine saying something about the bedtime of the kids or how you’re washing your clothes.

Others find these mumblings charming, and only the closest members of the family can hear them. Akitas are often aloof, wary, and silent when visitors come by. They may welcome house guests if they are familiar with them, but homeowners should warn first-time visitors about their American Akita pets if they stop by.

The key to reducing some of the aggressiveness is to train the Akita as a puppy. They should have plenty of exposure to other dogs and friendly people so they can soften some of their wariness. Although they generally have a sober presence among other canines in the park, they will be naturally affectionate when no one is looking.

About their Mouthing Traits

Some of their distinctive traits include mouthing. They love to carry everything in their mouths, and they may consist of your wrists. Know that this is familiar with other pet parents, and it’s not necessarily an act of aggression. Read more about reducing aggressive behaviors in this link:

Mouthing is a new way of communicating for some pets since they show their love and affection to their owners. Other dogs may lead you to the leash to communicate that they want to walk outside, and some will act on ideas that will just suddenly pop into their intelligent heads.

Others reported that they are fascinated with this mouthing. However, it’s understandable that you may find the entire thing annoying. If so, you can give your dog a job of carrying a basket or anything that involves him doing other activities with his mouth. They can happily get sticks or newspapers for you or even find things that you may have misplaced.

Their grooming habits may look like they are licking their bodies just like a cat. However, know that this is not just their single feline trait. They can stalk their prey silently for hours, just like a tiger. They keep their bodies crouched and low to the ground before they spring into action.

They are not generally barkers or growlers, so the thieves may encounter the worst surprise of their lives when they see this dog. Before you adopt one, research the training methods that you can do for smooth sailing.

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