How to rekey a Kwikset lock?

How to rekey a Kwikset lock?

Kwikset locks are smart locks that are very much in nowadays and are the best replacement for the old-fashioned and old mechanized locks. Kwikset is one of the best smart locks that are affordable as well as reliable.

Since it is a lock. It may face some problems like getting a break and many other problems. So, in such cases, you should at least know that how to diagnose and cure the problem with your smart lock.

From many problems of the locks, one is rekeying it. However, it is a solution to make the lock working again after you lose the original keys of the Kwikset lock. In this process, you will rekey the lock with a new key and then the new key will let you open or close the lock.

“Follow the steps to rekey your Kwikset lock.”

Step number 1: remove all the screws on the lock using a screwdriver that will fit. Mostly, a Phillips screwdriver is used to open the screws of any lock. Very possible, that you will also need that.

Step number 2: after you have opened the lock. Now check inside. You will find a cylinder assembly. Remove it from the lock assembly at putting it somewhere you don’t lose it.

Step number 3: you will see some clips on the back of the cylinder. Remove them from there, by using tweezers, or pliers. Also, remove the tail from the assembly. Put them in a safe place so that you can easily find them later when you need them.

Step number 4: use a flathead screwdriver to remove the spring cover with the cylinder in the upright position of the lock. The springs are compressed inside the lock and they may jump out of the lock. Therefore, be careful with them.

Step number 5: Remove the springs carefully using tweezers and put them in a safe place because you are surely going to use them during the reassembling of the lock.

Step number 6: remove all the top pins and plug from the cylinder and save them. Be gentle when you remove the plug. Because it contains pins inside it and they should not fall down. Take all the pins out after you get the plug out.

Step number 7: finally place the new key inside the plug and put the pins back from the bottom until the top of the new pins matches the shear line. After all this, you can assemble the lock again.

This is how you can rekey your Kwikset smart lock. Kwikset locks are very reliable and handy locks that can protect your home from any type of mishap. If you are security conscious and you want to make your home safe all the time when you are not at home. You should definitely get a Kwikset smart lock.

This lock will help you feel safe and easy when you are out. It will provide the best security and safety to your home and the valuables inside.

Many Locksmith Philly recommend Kwikset locks when they face a person who is interested in smart locks and wants to transform the locking system of his house to modern times. You should really buy a Kwikset if you are interested.

We have mentioned the reasons to get this gadget and another important thing is that you can easily rekey it or change it when needed.

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