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India has the second-largest workforce globally, and most of the work is in the unorganized sector like manufacturing, service, and retail. Pagarbook is a mobile app that is light in weight and helps to manage attendance and payroll. The app was adapted to help SME employers track their employees’ attendance and manage the payroll.

Pagarbook is a creative and unique concept that lets you manage your company’s HR department with ease. Be it salary, attendance, or advance payments; the Apni Dukan app is a gift for SME companies. With varied features and benefits, the Pagarbook offline app comes in handy to manage the organization’s day-to-day operations.

Pagarbook is an opportunity that has helped SMEs to digitize and bring their employees under the traditional economy. It is innovative and exciting for someone who runs an SME.

What is the Pagarbook app?

A one-stop platform for SME companies, the app helps the small scale supervisors and contractors leave behind the notebook and diary where they used to write down the workers’ details. The earlier methods were confusing and complicated, and there was always a chance of losing the notebook. Pagarbook is the digital version of the traditional notebook record. With the Apni Dukan app, you can now manage all the staff operations on a mobile app, making it simple and hassle-free.

Benefits of Pagarbook   

Listed below are a few benefits of using the Pagarbook offline. 

  • Easy to record and track the staff attendance, salary details, pending payments, and advance payments with ease
  • Ease of bifurcating the staff based on daily or monthly payment
  • Automated message sent to the staff in case of absence or when payment credited
  • Easy to generate, download and share the reports
  • Available in 10 languages
  • Allows job posting in the app
  • The user can generate a salary slip
  • Record faculty for overtime, deductions, etc.
  • User can add details for the previous month as well
  • The app lets you add more than a single business

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Using the Pagarbook app

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to use the Pagarbook app

  • Download and install the app from your PlayStore
  • Open the app and choose the language of your preference
  • Register on the app with your mobile number
  • Enter the details of your business
  • Select the number of staff and the payment frequency
  • Add the details of the staff

That is all about it. The workers’ tracker app is now all ready to be used.

Pagarbook is a free tool that lets you manage the employees’ payroll and work. You are free to record all the details of every employee on this app. The worker management system also offers biometric attendance management. It verifies the office location in the GPS tagging and geo-tracking facilities.

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An easy employee management solution, Pagarbook can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. It is ideal for all SME businesses and also to manage a remote team.


Pagar Book lets you manage your employees on a single app. Many industry leaders are using the Pagarbook app to ensure accurate employee payout and track their employees’ daily work. This saves money and also avoids chaos making Pagarbook a full-fledged HR solution for any business.

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