Applications of Yuken Directional Valves

Hydraulic directional valves, in addition to controlling the pressure that will be exerted in the circuit and its flow, also play a role in directing the airflow that the apparatus to which they are connected is required to follow. This is one of their functions. Directional valves are another way that circuit blocks be specified.

Yuken directional valves find use in numerous industries, ranging from the food industry to the naval industry, and can differ in several aspects, including the number of connections that can be established, the number of movements, the rest position, the method of actuation, and the pressure that is applied.

What are Yuken Directional Valves?

Yuken Directional Valve is a cutting-edge product that comes equipped as standard with indication light, mounting screws, and a DIN connection. Because it has been treated to withstand corrosion and oxidation, this particular kind of Yuken valve is very resistant. That’s why Yuken directional valves have a much longer lifetime as well as a significantly longer service life.

This item may be purchased in a variety of sizes, including NPFA D03, D05, D07, and D08, among others. It comes included with both AC and DC coils, and there is no extra charge for anyone. Yuken directional valve is simple to install, and its maintenance is straightforward and relatively inexpensive. However, its periodic realization is essential for the avoidance of problems and for Yuken valves to always provide satisfactory functioning.

Applications of Yuken Directional Valves

Electrically activated via the use of digital instructions or manually through the use of levers, pedals, and buttons, Yuken directional valves are among the most common types of control valves.

Yuken valves consistently provide outstanding performance in the marketplace. Because they are very long-lasting pieces of equipment that do not need regular maintenance, they are both cost-effective and efficient when used as components.

Yuken valves are so efficient while they are doing their job, Yuken directional valves almost never become clogged up and don’t need to be lubricated.

Because Yuken valves are simple to install and have an exceptionally long service life, they provide businesses with excellent value for the money.

Why Yuken valves are the best option in Directional Valves?

Yuken hydraulic is a reference in the oil-hydraulic parts distribution and maintenance market, and it gives its clients a comprehensive variety of hydraulic goods and services that are geared toward the sector.

Its workforce is comprised of highly skilled individuals, including engineers and technicians with more than fifteen years of experience. These individuals are all prepared to serve your organization with expertise, trust, integrity, and quality.

Yuken provides its services to its clients based on the concept of customized and personalized service. This means that the company strives to fulfill the requirements of every client and modifies its offerings in response to the requirements of the market. A one-year warranty is included for free with every product and service offered, and customers may choose to have their payments deferred for up to sixty days.

In addition to Yuken directional valves, Yuken also provides cylinders, pumps, and hydraulic systems. Because of this, the company can provide tailor-made industrial solutions for each individual client.

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