5 New Tools to Track Your Sleep

For health-conscious souls, our overall quality of life is important to pay attention to. From the food we eat to how we sleep, we do our best to make sure we’re living our optimal lives. How is your sleep quality? Did you know that it can affect the rest of your life and health? Here are some devices that can help you track your sleep quality:

Fitbit Luxe

A favorite device for sleep, the Fitbit Luxe is the kind of thing that serves more than one purpose, making it great for people who only want to spend so much money on their fitness devices.

It tracks everything from your workouts to your sleep duration and heart rate. It can check your REM sleep stages and sleep patterns, which can help you adjust your sleep accordingly. An easy-to-use health watch, it’s one of the easiest choices for health tracking on the market.


For those who may not love wearing a Fitbit to bed, the Oura ring is not only coveted for comfort but also because of how well it tracks sleep patterns. In fact, some claim it is the most accurate sleep device out there, so if you’re taking your sleep seriously and want to avoid wearing something on your wrist, this ring is a lifesaver that can help you easily track your sleep health and patterns.

Muse S Headband

A unique sleep headband (only ideal for those who don’t mind something on their head when they sleep), this brain sensing product is some people’s favorite sleep tracking device.

It can track how you focus and, most importantly, it can help keep track of how well you’re sleeping so you can more easily recharge as needed. It is designed to be comfortable enough for use as you sleep.

Kokoon Nightbuds

These unique headphones serve multiple purposes, making them perfect for people who don’t want to be surrounded by too many devices as they sleep. While allowing you to use the app’s sound machine benefits, they also track your sleep quality, as well as fade audio once they sense you’re asleep.

Surprisingly comfortable, many people enjoy these night buds, because they provide multiple features in one device. You can even use these headphones for everyday use if you want to, although the buttons on the back of your head may feel a bit convenient for use during the day. Plus, if you use it in the day, you may find that you’ll have to wait to charge it for bed, so some suggest keeping these for nighttime use.

Withings Sleep Analyzer

If you are someone who is simply opposed to wearing any kind of device at night, you may want to consider using this pad that is designed to track your sleep quality but doesn’t interrupt your comfort at all.

In fact, it adds to it with padding that can add to the comfort of the mattress that you sleep on already. It can test your REM and help you adjust your sleep, according to how well you already sleep at night.

In Conclusion

These devices mentioned above can be very helpful for anyone who wants to see how they sleep better, thanks to the information they provide. While these devices can help you get an idea of how your sleep needs to improve, you’ll want to consider other products that can benefit your sleep, from sleep supplements to things like blackout curtains and more comfortable bedding.

Your sleep quality could be as simple as adjusting your temperature at night, so once these devices give you the information you need, consider the ways you can improve your sleep.

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