Many people don’t know this, but life really is pointless. That’s right – all of your hard work and effort to make money, get married, have children; it’s all meaningless. You’ll never achieve any sort of lasting satisfaction or happiness in your lifetime because you will die before you reach the end goal: death.

We already know that every living thing dies. It’s a fact of life, but most people never use this information to their advantage. They spend most of their lives going through the same routines, day after day with no sense of purpose. But you can change this by simply taking a few minutes out of your week to understand why life is pointless and actually doing something about it.

Life is an Infinite Loop

To prove that an infinite loop exists in real life, we have compiled several facts from across the internet. We hope our readers enjoy them:

  • British astronomer Edmond Halley calculated that 55 integrated circuits would be required to last 8 billion years. The elements found on Earth are formed in stars that are billions of light years away
  • The physicist Stephen Hawking once estimated that the chance of staying on one step of a staircase for an infinite amount of steps is 70%. However, when he recalculated this formula after realizing there was no “end” to the staircase, he found it was only 38%
  • A popular proverb states: “life is nothing more than one endless routine after another”. This means life itself is an infinite loop not dissimilar to the ones formed by integrated circuits and staircases. Think about this for yourself – does your own life feel like an endless cycle?

How to Break the Infinite Loop of Life

As we know, an infinite loop can be broken if all external causes are removed. In this way, a hardware loop can only be ended by removing all power from the system; but life isn’t as simple as that! Human beings cannot simply take themselves off life support or “pull the plug” as it were because such acts would require their own will to do so (an internally-maintained loop). But what people can do is let go of the desire for any sort of end goal in their lives and learn to savor each moment – even if it’s boring or tedious. The true secret to breaking the infinite loop of life is to understand that it is infinite. It has no end goal and no reward for completing any of the tasks required to achieve said end goal – your success would only lead you onto a new task after all, not off the stairwell of life.

Life Is Pointless… But That’s Okay

This next section was written by an anonymous author who agreed to share this opinion piece about life being pointless but okay with us. We hope our readers enjoy it:

“I find myself asking this question every other day or so: “If my existence will amount to nothing more than dying without achieving any sort of lasting satisfaction or happiness, then what’s even the point in trying?” Well I have come to realize that there is no true answer because maybe there isn’t any point. But, you know what? That’s okay! It doesn’t matter how hard I try or don’t try because I will never be happy with the result anyways. This means no amount of effort can ever really make me look back on my life and regret not giving it my all even though that’s the only thing that matters in life, right?

I’ve realized that maybe happiness is a goal that has been ingrained into our minds since birth by those who need to perpetuate a cycle for their own livelihood. If everyone just accepted that they will die without feeling fulfilled one day then the world would collapse under its own weight – people wouldn’t get married, have children, work jobs; nothing.

Written by Enaa Mari

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