Artificial Intelligence and blockchain with Horizon Oasis

Artificial intelligence and blockchain with Horizon Oasis | Free hardware

The technology sector leader has arrived. It is offering software solutions for both large and small businesses worldwide and has been successful in combining technological experience, business intelligence and a team of trained experts in all areas of digital solutions development. The company’s name is Horizon Oasis and, today, we’re going to explain a little bit more about the relevance of this disruptive company and you can read Daily AI newsletter from here.

What is Horizon Oasis?

Founded in 2019 by Cristian Carmona, the famous fintech entrepreneur with experience in a diversity of projects related to blockchain and digital assets. Cristian Carmona proposes a decentralisation of the technology to benefit all entrepreneurs worldwide by empowering people to lead on positive changes in society and ensuring that large projects and ideas are successful because they have the necessary tools.

Horizon Oasis has begun their expansion process and continues to open offices in Dubai to position itself as a leading company in the creation and development of solutions that can bring added value to people; this is only possible due to a team of staff consisting of technology experts, such as developers and systems engineers, who are trained to offer products and services created under the highest quality standards.

Hi-tech tools!

Many of these products and services are created using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. By bringing these two powerful tools together, a wide variety of options can be obtained when optimising systems and simplifying processes to improve user experience at all times. Blockchain has the ability to unite people through decentralised platforms in which governance is in the hands of the users in order to avoid potential fraud and manipulation by third parties.

Each day, Horizon Oasis thinks about bringing software solutions to everyone through blockchain products, such as the creation of intelligent contracts in the Ethereum blockchain, the development of trial participation apps, wallet apps, intelligent contracts, commercial robots and algorithms, master nodes, validation nodes, and intelligent nodes, among many other tools.

Horizon Oasis removing barriers to access new technologies!

The ability to create a positive impact through decentralisation begins with the creation of an ecosystem in which all users can access these new technologies and develop solutions within all productive sectors, while keeping in mind the client’s needs; this is what Horizon Oasis is aiming for by creating disruptive technology that is within everyone’s reach, whether they are beginners or experts in the digital sphere.

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