Benefits of adding protein bar to your diet

Benefits of adding protein bar to your diet

Protein is one of the essential micronutrients for the human body that supports several functions. It is found in various food items, including eggs, fish, meat, chicken, and plant-based sources like nuts, soy, beans, and pulse. But unfortunately, in today’s on-the-run society, nobody has time to sit down for a meal. In such a case, a pocket-sized protein bar seems to be the best and quickest way to consume protein and other nutrients.

No matter whether you are a workaholic tied to your desk, a recreational athlete, or an overcommitted mom with no spare time, these nutritious bars are a quick fix that provides your body with a sufficient amount of protein in need. Though earlier these nutrition bars were favoured primarily by serious athletes looking for a competitive edge, now almost everyone keeps a few stashed in a pocket or purse.

Continue reading and take a look at the benefits of introducing a protein bar into your diet.

Benefits of a protein bar

A convenient source of protein

Protein bars are a ready-to-eat and easy-to-carry nutritious snack. Moreover, they contain essential minerals and vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin B, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. Hence, they are the most practical and healthy option for your midday snack.

Provides continuous energy supply

These healthy, nutritious bars contain essential nutrients that can keep you going throughout the day. They provide you with a significant supply of protein, which gives you a continuous supply of energy all day long.

Provides nourishment before and after a workout

As you know, fitness fanatics and athletes need much more energy than other people; these nutritious bars are an excellent way to fulfil their energy needs. Plus, the nutrition value of these bars is perfect for repairing the microscopic muscle tears that occur during the workout.

A good substitute for a meal

Protein-rich bars are a great alternative for those reducing their calorie intake. They help you control your portions and balance regular food servings while keeping you from eating unhealthy snacks. Hence, these bars make up a suitable replacement for a meal.

Suitable as a mid-meal snack

These protein-rich bars are a tasty and healthy alternative to kill those hunger pangs that lure you for unhealthy snacking in between meals. Unlike cookies, chips, and chocolates, these nutritious bars do not cause any blood sugar spikes and help you with weight control.

Helps in muscle gain

If you want to gain muscle, you need to increase your protein intake. And as these bars are rich in protein, they provide you with a significant amount of dietary protein that may aid your efforts and help you gain muscles.

Helps in weight loss

Since these bars offer lower calories than traditional candies, it makes them an excellent choice for people willing to lose weight. Furthermore, it helps you control your fat and sugar intake, which are the primary reason for weight gain in most people.

Given the wide variety of nutrition bars, it’s essential to know that not all are created equal. While some are high-carbohydrate bars, energy bars, brain-boosting bars, others are breakfast bars and meal-replacement bars. Moreover, not all bars are suitable for you. A protein bar might look nutritious and healthy, but it may contain sugar, addictive, colour, or synthetics. Therefore, it is advisable not to incorporate them into your lifestyle blindly. Understand your body’s needs and check the label to ensure they have the right amount of protein and fibre to fulfil your nutritional needs. If you have specific diet goals or are allergic to some protein, it is necessary to check it before consumption. Once you are satisfied with its nutritional value, you can go for it.

Written by Enaa Mari

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