Best Family Activities To Do When Staying In Gatlinburg, TN Cabins

Best Family Activities To Do When Staying In Gatlinburg

Are you looking to get a little rest and recovery? Do you enjoy spending your free time out in nature instead of wandering around crowded cities, looking for high-end retail shops that are going to charge you exorbitant prices on souvenirs? If taking walks, enjoying picnics, and kayaking down the river seem more your speed, you and your family will love staying in one of the Gatlinburg, TN cabins for your upcoming vacation!

The Smoky Mountains are one of the best mountain ranges in the entire United States. With blue skies, dense forest, and outstanding views, the Smoky Mountain Range is ideal for hikers, families, and outdoor enthusiasts who want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. You can choose the cabin that fits your price range, amenity needs, location, and preferences. Do you want a cabin in the words that is isolated and provides you with plenty of freedom and quiet? Or would you rather have a cabin that is closer to the downtown suburbs of the local Gatlinburg area?

By choosing the right cabins in Gatlinburg TN that you want for you and your family, you can then begin to plan the rest of your holiday activities. Do you want to go for nature walks in the local woods or would you rather rent a canoe of the day? Let’s check out some of the best family activities that you can do while you’re in Gatlinburg!

Go on a Nature Walk

If you are staying in one of the many Gatlinburg, TN cabins, then you can enjoy the Smoky Mountains National Park right on your door! Since this is a registered national park, you can enjoy the amenities of labeled trails, trail makers, restrooms and picnic areas, and barbecue areas that are great for family days out. There are hiking trails for people of all skill and fitness levels: if you have young children, you can take an easy walk on the Elkmont Nature Trail, or if you have teenagers, check the Cataract Falls Trail for a more challenging trek!

Spend Some Free Time at Mynatt Park

Located right outside of the center of Gatlinburg (meaning you can walk here after getting a quick lunch in the city), is the beautiful Mynatt Park. Mynatt Park is a great spot to head to if you want to sit outside and read a book, play with your kids, or just sit and enjoy the beautiful weather. While not as large as Smoky Mountain National Park, Mynatt Park includes features such as a children’s fishing stream, walking trails, and grills. There is also a playground that is great for young children, along with a track that makes it possible for you to get in some extra exercise while your kids are playing!

Throw Your Arms Up While Riding The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Instead of being in a crowded theme park where there are screaming children and long lines, you can head to the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster to get a view of the woods in a completely new way! Do you want to go slow and check out the forest, birds, species of plants, and get an up-close-and-personal view of nature? Or do you want to go fast, have the wind in your hair, and speed through the dense forest? You can experience both with the unique Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, which gives you the ability to control the speed of your coaster, and since you’re in control of the speed, you can customize the experience to work for your young children or older teenagers!

Whitewater Rafting

If you do not have a kayak of your own and you are not well-versed in the water, you can go whitewater rafting with professional guides and experienced individuals at the Smoky Mountain Outdoor Center. They will help fit you with the proper safety gear, teach you how to paddle, and keep you safe during your fun and fast-paced water adventure!


Are you considering going to the Smoky Mountains with your family? We recommend renting one of the many Gatlinburg, TN cabins and seeing firsthand the beauty of nature and outdoor exercise!

Written by Enaa Mari

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