How to Decide Which Car to Buy

Deciding Which Car to Buy

If you’re new to the world of cars or haven’t purchased one in several years, it can be hard to decide where you have to begin. How does one find a car that fits all of their needs for the years to come?

Quite honestly, it just takes a little planning and research. Once you know which car you want to buy, the next decision is whether you want to buy it or lease it.

Here’s how you can start.

Use a Car Comparison Tool

If you’re unsure about the right car, there are some great quizzes and tools that can decide for you. They’ll narrow down your search in just a few seconds. These tools can recommend cars based on your budget, style and type. You’ll have to set your monthly budget (if you’re financing it) or a purchase price.

Next, you’ll select the reason you’re buying the car for (city driving, company car, off-roading), and lastly, you’ll select the body preference. After assessing your preference on these parameters, the tool will suggest you a car. Once you’ve considered all of these factors, start looking towards the alternatives.

Considering the Alternatives

Often, everyone has a preferred “favourite” car before they start considering their options. However, in the existing marketplace, you must consider all of your options. For instance, if you’re considering buying a Nissan Navara, go through several reviews of the Nissan Navara.

Who knows? There may be several different options that offer even better features and aesthetics. Use the tools we suggested above and tweak the preferences a bit. Does making a small sacrifice make a huge difference in the cost? When you answer all of the questions, make a final choice about the car you want to buy. Another thing that will be essential in the long run is car accessories. Does your preferred car have easily-accessible accessories for purchase? Before you start buying anything, do your homework and look your chosen vehicle up. Research allows you to catch details you may have overlooked, which can make or break your final purchasing decision.

Now get ready to sit on the driver’s seat.

Schedule a Test Drive

Once you know which car may be a good fit for you, text, email, or call the dealership and schedule a day and time for a test drive. A dealership’s virtual salesmen can be great allies. They tend to cater to informed buyers, be more upfront with pricing, and tell you about special offers.

When you make a test-drive appointment with a local dealership, you ensure that the car’s waiting for you when you reach the dealership. We recommend that you test drive three different cars to know the difference and that your options aren’t limited. Schedule a few appointments back to back. This will make it easier for you and give you a graceful departure from the dealership.

The right decision depends on your taste. All we know is that the right car feels right.


When it comes to buying the right vehicle, there are many options available and several factors involved. While many let their emotions get the best of them and end up selecting a vehicle based on personal taste, it’s best to make an informed decision. Consider the factors mentioned above to end up with a car that is not only a fun purchase but also fulfils all your needs!

Happy driving!

Written by Enaa Mari

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