Best Progressive Jackpots from Microgaming

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Did you ever dream of winning a jackpot? Progressive slots are designed to give players big wins. They operate much like regular slot machines, where you pay real money in exchange for the opportunity to win larger sums of cash.

The progressive jackpot increases in size every time someone plays a best online casino usa game. When a player hits a winning combination, their bet goes towards the jackpot instead of paying out in smaller amounts. This means your chances of hitting the jackpot increase as well! Check out our top recommended Progressive Jackpots from Microgaming right now!

Best Progressive Jackpots from Microgaming

1. Major Million

Major Million is perhaps one of the most popular progressives amongst best au online casino gamers. In fact, it was recently voted by players as the best progressive jackpot on the internet. It has an amazing $9 million jackpot to be won and this is just its minimum guaranteed prize pool. You’ll have no problem finding at least one random spin with a chance to claim a huge sum of money.

2. Mega Moolah

This machine features a massive progressive jackpot that can reach up to $50 million. It takes up to 10 spins to hit said jackpot but when it does come calling, you would do well to take note that there could be more than one person sharing in such a spectacular payout.

However, the great thing about this game is how quickly it pays out whenever something goes your way so even if you only make small bets all day long, you will still see some serious profit over time.

3. King Cashalot

King Cashalot is another Microgaming gaming software provider with some pretty impressive jackpots. One of the biggest draws of the game is that you don’t necessarily need to use maximum coin values to try and strike a perfect combo. There are multiple free games available too which help keep those wagering requirements low and that is why the average jackpot gets higher here.

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