How do I stream games from my X box series X

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Xbox Live Game Streaming allows us to play best online casinos for real money games using Windows PCs or Mac computers that don’t even have a monitor attached to them. If you want to connect an old TV to your living room, you can also use a gamepad to control your game. This makes playing a game anywhere much easier. Let’s see below how to stream games from my Xbox series X.

Open the Xbox app in windows 10 and select Settings

Connections under Network & internet settings section; Click on Connect a new device option link and follow the steps

You will need to enable your Xbox Series X streaming feature through the following steps:

Select “Connections” from the left-hand menu option for more options. Then click on connect a new connection. A drop-down window appears which has two options available: ‘Xbox live (requires subscription)’ and ‘XBOX LIVE with friends & family. Choose the latter option if you are not subscribed to Microsoft’s premium service – otherwise, choose the former one. Select “Proceed” to continue.

Once it is connected as per the above step

go back into the main app and click on the best rated online casinos tab at the top of the screen. Next, we’ll set up the controller. Go ahead and click on the settings icon next to the controller name and then scroll down and select Controller Configuration. Now open the Bluetooth configuration panel and check the controller is turned on by clicking on the button at the bottom right of the panel. Under Bluetooth devices find your XBOX CONTROLLER there should be a green tick beside it.

After all these steps

now you will be able to remote access your console through your PC/Mac remotely. All you need to download and install a client software via Chrome browser or Firefox browser.

In conclusion, this post provides information about how to Stream Xbox series-x games from your computer to any TV or projector with HDMI input. To Stream Xbox Series X games from your computer to another TV or projector, simply plug a USB cable between your PC and the other TV or projector and run the software. The best part is, that most TVs support both standard definition and high definition video output. Also, research on how to stream online casino games.

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