If you think that your reception will not be as good as you think and your guests would not be catered as you want, then you are supposed to do something unique to break the ice. Thousands of wedding guests have been entertained by Noel for the past 10 years, whether it is a high-end wedding or a private party of approximately 10 people.

Noel believes that the wedding is not just for the guests, but he also performs a special routine for the bride and groom, which makes their day memorable forever by enhancing the occasion.

Things to expect from a wedding magician:

  • Magic show during photo-shoot

Usually, the photo-shoot after the ceremony takes a lot of time, and the mealtime is also not near, which can most probably make the guests bored. To keep the guests engaged, the Zoom magician can perform during this time to maintain the guests occupied before the meal and enjoy the wedding.

  • Magic during meal

They can be one of the most engaging time for the guests where magic is performed at the time of wedding breakfast for the tables between the courses. People on each table interact with one another as the table plays a mini self-help group. People who have met for the very first time tend to sit together and socialize.

  • Magic at an evening reception

Magic can result in a great start if initiated when the evening reception has just started before the sherry’s arrival. As soon as the guests appear to arrive, it can be the best time for the magician to show his talent to get the guests’ attention. Guests at this time either are waiting for someone to socialize with or awkwardly looking at each other.

  • Qualities of a good magician

A good magician brings an extra spark of joy to your event and shares it with your family and friends. A good magician has a dynamic personality and can be a slot in any part of the event.

Noel does not follow any particular script, and he adjusts things in between as per the situation. His performance revolves around breaking the ice, making people interact and socialize with one another.

He creates a different environment for the audience, making them believe that everything is possible. Many other magicians’ tricks require guest participation, which makes people happier and engaged.

What to look for in a wedding magician?

Do you want to make your event stand out?

Through their artistry, creativity, talent, and unusual tricks, magicians spread happiness on everyone’s face.

You should go through the following when hiring a magician.

  1. Reviews

You won’t be taking a risk when it comes to your wedding day. You want everything to be perfect, whether it be your wedding dress, catering, or floral service. You want everything just perfect. So, hiring a perfect magician who works on solid tricks will work wonders for entertaining the guests.

You should go through at least 3 unbiased party reviews to finalize your magician. Besides that, you should also go for recommendations from your friends, family, and neighbors.

  1. Background check

A background check is essential when finalizing the magician because the person you will hire should be trustworthy to the extent that you can feel comfortable leaving your children and valuables around the magician without any second thought.

The safety of your guests is far more important than anything else. So, never hesitate to ask questions for such kind of information.


Magic is a versatile field, so it is up to you what kind of magician you are looking for.If you want entertainment for children, you should consider someone more into games, balloon activities, and other kids-friendly tricks.You should go for a magician who comes under your budget. A magician is a highly skilled person who has spent his entire life pursuing magic, so they expect to be paid fairly, which also comes under your budget.

Ultimately, a wedding magician london is a source of bringing happiness and laughter to your face.You should find a suitable person for your needs and requirements and budget so, hire yours now!

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