Brian Ladin: Reindustrializing the maritime industry     

maritime industry

Exploring the world of shipping, one will realize the amount of effort that goes into powering not only the vessels themselves, but the company. Taking into the consideration the details of the job, it’s no wonder why there’s only a few industry giants within the world of shipping. However, Brian Ladin is well on the course to changing that and it all starts with Delos Shipping

As an industry professional, Brian has made a career by analyzing markets and predicting financial trends. Ladin was able to acquire a sizable portfolio of shipping assets. Consisting of fifty eight ships, at that time, it was considered quite a feat After several years, Delos Shipping sold their assets. At this point, Ladin redirected his company and chose to focus more energy and time into the field of leasing shipping vessels. Marine Finance was where this came into play and Ladin’s direction of industry began to take hold. Involved in the field of long term finance leasing, Marine Finance has made strides in both how end-users obtain shipping vessels as well as acquiring a wide range of different vessels. Taking on this new endeavor is further proof of Brian’s capabilities.

Specializing in financial plans, Marine Finance has offered Brian the opportunity to explore a different aspect of the market. Terms ranging from seven to fifteen years, Marine Finance approach towards the topic of leasing has proven beneficial in monetary terms. Approaching every topic with an open mind, the growth of Marine Finance can be credited to the direction it has taken regarding acquisition. By always looking at the bigger picture, Brian is well on his way to being at the forefront in terms of approaching the maritime market.

Involving himself in numerous business conferences, the name Delos Shipping began to make rounds in the world of maritime industry. By demonstrating proficiency within the industry, Brian has built on the credit of Delos Shipping by sharing the knowledge he was garnered from working in the maritime leasing industry in addition to his time as a financial analyst.

Acquiring shipping vessels is the first step for Marine Finance. As CEO, Brian is seeking out other opportunities by expanding Delos Shipping’s profile to include other charter methods such as tankers, dry bulk, and container vessels. In addition to the build of assets, Delos Shipping also provides a level of knowledge within the field that clientele of Delos Shipping have been privy to.

It is Ladin’s belief that having an overall understanding of how the industry works is what will determine your success in the field. Delos has owned a variety of vessels since 2008, and it has accumulated a significant amount of industry knowledge over this time frame. The devil is in the details when it comes to the shipping industry. Delos has the experience needed in the shipping industry to build a reliable, successful platform for investment.    

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