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Your monitor is the thing that helps you get a quality gaming experience for winning streaks. That is why while purchasing a gaming monitor you should be careful.


As a gamer, you have to look for a device that has a clear display and works without any hitch. But how would you know the criteria to select a monitor? Well, that’s where we come to your help.


There are a lot of things about a good gaming monitor that you should look for before buying. In case you are not aware of any, we have compiled a detailed list of qualities for your help.


So, let’s get started with our list.


Resolution and Panel Size

The first thing to look for is the size of the monitor. Of course, it should be big enough and wide as well so that you can get good viewing angles.


The second thing to look for is the resolution of your monitor. You should look for a monitor that offers a high definition HD resolution. The maximum resolution should be 2560 x 1440 pixels.


Why is that so? Because the pixel count is high, the monitor will produce a clear image. Other than that, you will also get a strong and efficient monitor to deliver HD game graphics.


Panel Technology

The second thing on our list of qualities and features is the panel technology of a monitor.


Most of the good and high-end gaming monitors consist of Twisted Nematic Panels. A TN Panel is not that much costly and also it is in demand in the gaming industry.


The Twisted Nematic Panels are prone to color shifts when you view them from an angle. Yet, they allow quick pixel responses as well as refreshing rates.


Vertical alignment panels are also popular when it comes to gaming monitors. The vertical alignment panels have robust shades with an amazing contrast ratio. That is why the vertical alignment panels have the ability to showcase the dark shades of black in the best way.


IPS panel stands for in-plane switching panels. They offer better viewing angles and color accuracy as compared to TN and VA panels. That is why they are a good choice to play high definition games. But the thing that IPS panels lack is the response time.


Refresh Rate

The third thing to consider while buying a good gaming monitor is the refresh rate.


Most of the experts qualify gaming monitors on the basis of their refresh rates.


The refresh rate of a monitor is the time taken per second to draw a new display. Its unit is Hertz. The 60Hz refresh rate is quite common in most LCD monitors. But there are some objects that are fast moving yet they create a blurred appearance. If in case you want to reduce the blurred images, you should use a gaming monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate.


In simple words, a good quality gaming monitor is the one with the highest refreshing rate. A high refresh rate means a quick response to the pixels. For instance, gray to gray is the most used pixel response from different shades of gray.


Response Time

Now at number four, let’s talk about the response rate. For gamers, a response rate of 2 milliseconds or less than that is perfect.


Users always confuse response time with the refresh rate. It indicates how fastly a monitor screen can change pixels using the gray to gray transitions.


Response time has a great impact on your gaming abilities. While playing competitive, every millisecond counts. That is why you should make sure if your monitor can display everything clearly and fastly or not. If the response time is slow the visuals will be delayed and it can lead to creating annoying visuals. It can cause issues like ghosting, etc.


Hence, you should be careful when it comes to response time.



At number five, we have compatibility as a major factor to look out for while buying a gaming monitor.


For gamers, this term means that the monitor should be capable of multiple video inputs.


In this way, gamers can connect their monitor to a computer as well as their gaming consoles such as Xbox, PS5, etc.


For the compatibility of gaming monitors, the HDMI dual ports are perfect for high ending graphics cards.


Monitor Bezels

At number six, we have monitor bezels that are another important factor to consider. While buying a good gaming monitor you should check how large its bezel is.


A monitor’s bezel is a plastic edge that runs around the screen acting as a frame and refers to the black area that guards the physical picture.


It is necessary to check for bezels for a gaming monitor. If the bezels are smaller you will have a good gaming experience. Because the thick plastic frame will cut out pixel-less space.

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