Communication Mistakes To Avoid With Your Remote Team

Communication Mistakes

As per a recent study, nearly 71% of remote workers agreed that they are satisfied and happy in their current job role. During these times, being able to work remotely and having job security is very crucial for a lot of people. But, just having the option to work remotely is not enough. One of the most useful innovations in this time is a team communication app that helps in staying connected all the time. If you also wish to build a thriving remote team, then here is what you need to do to manage it effectively. There are some communication mistakes you need to avoid to ensure a healthy system for your remote working team:

Do not make communication one-sided

When you are present in an office setup, you have a lot of opportunities for conversations. You can just take a quick break and ask people about their weekend or get clarification on any step without second thoughts. These casual conversations may seem very easygoing, but in all honesty, they are a part of what weaves your team together. 

But, when it comes to a digital setup, you need to ask someone before giving them a call or wait on them to respond. You lose the touch of spontaneous conversations. But, this is where most team leaders falter. If you have only work-oriented and to-the-point conversations with your remote team, then you will not really get the interest of your team consistently. Having regular conversations with the team can help you keep up with a remote team setup. 

A face to face aspect is required to top off the digital communication

While managing virtual teams, it is very convenient to keep all communication digital. We understand that convenient team communication apps make it ideal to stick to work-oriented conversations. But, just sticking to digital means is not all you should do. 

If you want to create a remote team that thrives, you need to keep effective communication going. 

Digital channels can be a part of your communication but add the face-to-face aspect once in a while. If you can meet your teammates once in a while, then that’s great. In case, you are unable to meet them in person, then set up a virtual face-to-face meeting once in a while. It will prove to be very effective. This kind of personal communication helps you gauge the interest level in your employees and feels a lot of connection with your company as well. 

Do not rush meetings, wait for feedback from your remote team

One of the best practices that you can maintain is to have weekly follow-ups with your team. This can be to discuss your weekly to-do lists or just have some new marketing innovations that you all can share in knowledge-sharing sessions. If you have an instruction-based meeting, then your team will lose interest as they will not feel the need to contribute or even feel valued. 

Also, we understand the need for sensibly making use of your time. But, do not cut out meetings if they are elongated. If your team is enjoying their meet-up time, then ensure that you are able to ask them about their time and keep going with the conversation accordingly. Additionally, ask them about regular feedback regarding what’s working for their team and what is not. In case, changes are required, try finding ways to implement them so that your team feels heard and contributes to work with a lot more zeal and enthusiasm. 

Avoid sending mixed messages to the team

You need to give clear messages to your team. For instance, if you are asking your team to be on time in remote work culture and showing up ten-twenty minutes late without any prior intimation; then it’s not right. If you are asking them to be accessible on a team communication app, but you yourself slack off and are not available during work hours, then it is very difficult for your team to follow the protocol. 

Hence, be clear on the practices you want to follow; and ensure that your team is well aware of these practices. This can help keep a healthy discipline going during remote work and your team can thrive even if they do not meet regularly. Encourage everybody to be their own leader, but do not leave them without anybody to look up to. 

Be clear about your expectations and instructions

The best companies ensure proper communication of goals to their team. We also recommend that your team is aware of the different expectations that your organization is working towards. This helps each team member understand their role in the ecosystem and work together towards a common goal. 

Do not make the mistake of just having independent to-do lists and not letting your employees know about their functions. This helps the team to work remotely but carry out their role efficiently without any hindrance. 

Avoid these mistakes and make working remotely easy

One of the biggest mistakes you can make to spoil your remote culture is by not having a dedicated team communication app. We recommend using an internal communication tool like NuovoTeam to keep your remote work going without any glitches. By avoiding the aforementioned mistakes, you can build productive and efficient working systems for remote teams. Achieve remote team success much faster and much more efficiently by ensuring proper communication with your team.







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