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Traveling to Cambodia reminds us of the magnificent Angkor Wat. But Cambodia embodies much more interesting and enticing gems that not many tourists are aware of.

If you’re looking for a culturally enriching Cambodia holiday, you’ve landed in the right place.

Plan your trip with Threeland travel to get a taste of authentic Cambodian culture. Gather experiences that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

6 Interesting Things To Do During Your Cambodia Holidays

1.  Visit The Cambodia Circus- Phare

Phare is an innovative social initiative to promote Cambodian Culture. It uses the profits generated through the circus for youth upliftment.

The spectacular shows use various traditional art forms, like dance, music, and drama. Through these performances, the locals convey unique Cambodian stories, including folktales to recent history.

The artists performing in this circus are graduates of the NGO school and Phare Ponleu Selpak, Battambang professional arts training center.

The circus revenue from the circus helps to fund the NGO, professional arts training and supports free education.

Contribute to responsible tourism while having an enriching cultural experience.

2.  Take Cycling Tours

Are you looking to participate in exciting activities? Cycling tours along the Siem Reap countryside are bound to get your adrenaline pumping.

Indulge yourself in an authentic pastoral travel experience. Riding along the unexplored countryside of Siem Reap allows for an authentic travel experience.

The breathtakingly beautiful routes, quaint villages are a relief to sore eyes. While exploring the countryside, you can even interact with the locals.

If you’re planning to catch a glimpse of the Angkor complex without getting lost amidst large tourist crowds and spending excess time delving into the intricate details, cycle tours are a great option.

3.  Enjoy ATV/ Quad Biking

If you’re not very fond of cycle rides, there’s an alternative for you. You can always hop on ATVs or quad bikes to explore the countryside.

You can enjoy the astounding view at sunset engulfing the city with its golden glow. Tranquil villages, vast stretches of verdant rice fields, and the city’s magnificent countryside make up a picturesque journey.

You can even take an ATV tour inside the Angkor complex to experience a unique tour. You “ll get an opportunity to meet and interact with the ethnic communities. Explore the traditional history and cultural lifestyle.

4.  Experience Zip Lining

Evidently, you’ll find no end to adventurous activities during your Cambodia holidays.

Sprinkle some more excitement into your Angkor Tour with zip lining at the Angkor Archeological Park.

Flying across the Cambodian jungle amidst the wildlife renders a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can choose from diverse packages offered by Angkor Zip Lining, the official organization conducting. You can take either Zipline across multiple lines or decide to combine it with other adventure activities, including mountain biking or ATV riding, within the Angkor complex.

5.  Pay A Visit To Apopo

Ever heard of HeroRATS? Here in Cambodia, you actually see them.

APOPO is an organization invested in giving conditional training to rats and use them to detect and land mines.

This method complements the existing efforts for cleaning up the mines and speeds up the entire process. Landmines are a major cause of an appalling number of injuries, hampers socio-economic development, and deprives ethnic communities the access to fertile land.

APOPO’s HeroRATS are incredibly lightweight and are primarily used to detect landmines, followed by immediate clearance.

You’ll get a detailed insight into the detection process and all of its resulting benefits when you visit the APOPO.

There are various ways to extend your support- make a donation, adopt a HeroRat, volunteer with the organization or simply purchase anything from the APOPO gift store.

6.  Voyage Through The Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia

Known for its vibrant ecosystems, Tonle Sap will surely give you an enthralling experience. Visit the floating villages taking a tuk-tuk or go kayaking to explore them.

Each of the quaint floating villages on Asia’s largest freshwater lake boasts its own unique characteristics.

Start packing your bags and enjoy fun-filled Holidays to Cambodia.

Written by Addison Taylor

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