How To Start A Catering Business In Covid

How To Start A Catering Business In Covid

The 2020 pandemic is a hard time for the economy and full-time employees. It’s been more than a year and we are only moving gradually towards a healthy future. With the third wave and several variants of the coronavirus going on, it is unlikely that things will get normal soon.

Further restrictions and lockdowns mean the business that relies on social interaction and events would be experiencing a further decline. With several individuals jobless, everyone is desperately looking for ideas to make a living.

The self-owned business operated from the comfort and safe air of home is going to be the new normal in 2021. We understand that establishing a business itself is not easy. Execution of a business idea requires money as well as other resources. Covid is definitely a hurdle in the execution of a business but we have an idea!

If you are a food enthusiast and a praised chef, we have mapped out a plan for you on how to start a catering business in times of covid.

You must be thinking about how a catering business can function in the times of covid 19 with strict restrictions on restaurants and food regulations.

In times of covid19, your catering business can flourish if you adapt the functions to the new normals of the economy. Right now you might not be able to cater to big events but you can do much more.

How To Start A Catering Business In Covid

Offer Pickup Meal Prep Kit:

The concept of a meal prep kit is not old; however, it was never practised widely. Prep kits were mostly offered as a hostel or army foods but now these are cherished at every house.

Meal prep kits give a sense of hygiene and comfort in times of covid for many customers. So, while everyone is craving the delicious restaurant cuisines that aren’t easy to make at home, you can take this opportunity and turn it into a business.

As a part of your catering business, offer several cuisine meal prep kits with an option of pick up and delivery as well. Your main goal here would be focusing on the flavours and restaurant made cuisines only for a better sale.

You can set a dish for every day and prepare the same amount as catering for a small group.

Consider A Food Truck: 

We all remember hotdogs and wraps of food trucks from our childhood. One bell and we would go running to the front door for the freshly made saucy hotdogs and wraps. The memory sparks joy doesn’t it? So how about you use this memory and associate it with your catering food truck. Once you are out and about with your catering food truck, the homebound citizens would definitely be more than happy to try something new.

The technique here is the same as the catering business, you cook in a fair quantity to supply to a group of people. The only difference is that the group of people here would be the different neighbourhoods.

A food truck can be a good source of marketing for your business as well, it can provide you with some social interaction as well. Additionally, you can take in-person feedback and request.

Consider Being A Local Vendor:

In the times of Covid19, most of the citizens started behaving worse than a caveman. At grocery stores and big chains supermarkets, it was a scenario of survival of the fittest. Why? Because there is a severe scarcity of the resources, ingredients and the product as well.

Consumers panic that if a particular product goes out of stock, how would they prepare the meal. Especially, when most of the food delivery services are shut down. Everyone wants to have their favourite and comfort food at such difficult times. What can you do about it?

In such an instance as a catering business, you can also cater particular products that go out of stock easily at the stores. The simple examples can include several types of bread, meatloaves, cakes and other bakery items, dips, salads and small meals or frozen food.

If you possess the skills you can easily turn yourself into a retail vendor and create connections with the local grocers. it’s a definite revenue-generating idea till the economy recovers.

Transition to Online:

There is absolutely no business right now that doesn’t exist on the internet. Once the covid hits, digital presence becomes absolutely necessary for every business.

RightNow internet is the only and the most effective way to reach an audience and thrive in your business. So, automatically that will include your newly established catering business.

It doesn’t matter how many fewer orders you will serve through the website right now, what matters is that your audience must know the services you provide and your existence. The most accessible you are, the better your chances of business success.

Connect with website development consultants and see what can be done about your catering business website. It should display your updated numbers and several features. A website is the most proficient source to stay accessible to the audience.

Additionally, you can do content marketing to drive traffic to your website, and it wouldn’t even cost you much.

Connect and Take Future Bookings: 

It’s not that you won’t secure any catering booking right now. In areas where covid19 cases are controlled, things are going back to normal. People right now are arranging small intimate gatherings of special occasions such as weddings, graduation, farewell etc.

Right now we all need a reason to celebrate and you could cater for those events but how do you ask? As a new owner of a catering business, you may not receive the direct orders but you can connect with event planners and collaborate. At this stage creating social networks is extremely important to get referred around the town.

Additionally, you will need to adapt better to refund or redeem your voucher offers since a lot of events do get cancelled. Offer your audience that they can redeem the amount at any date in future, plus you can announce through content marketing about your opened slots.

So, What do you think? 

These are a few ideas on how you can start your business easily. Even through the time of the pandemic, you can still run a catering business by adapting to the new ideas and practices. At such times make absolute arrangements for hygiene to maintain customer loyalty. execute the plan, receive reviews, generate revenue and repeat.

Written by Crystal Rae

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