Can I travel to Canada with a Dominican passport?       

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Yes, you can travel to Canada with a Dominican passport. But need a visa for the travel and stay. You can get Canadian Visa by submitting your visa application along with the visa fee. After 10 working days of your application, you get a visa for Canada. You have to submit a signed and comprehensive visa application, Dominican passport, latest photographs, company letter, bank certification show economical liquidity and fee for the visa that is submitted at the time of application Walk Niagara Falls tours.

Consular Visa Needed:

According to Canadian visa policy, more than 190 countries get a Canadian Consular visa. These countries get this traveling visa in advance without knowing the purpose of the visit and period of stay in the country.

Thus Dominican citizens also need a Consular visa for their travel to Canada. Dominican citizens are needed to apply to a Canadian Embassy to get a Canadian visa. Moreover, Dominican passport holders also apply to Canadian Consulate in the country for visas in advance. In this way passport holders of Dominica get their visa before arrival 多米尼克

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How can you apply for a Canadian Visa?

Below is the procedure of apply for a Canadian visa:

  • First of all, you have to make an appointment with the Canadian Government diplomatic Office.
  • Then you call for a visa interview and need a vast range of documents and certificates. The needed certificates are according to your visa kind.
  • Dominican citizens need to take a comprehensive Canadian visa application with them. This application shows that what type of visa Dominican passport holders require. Either they require a student visa, tourist visa, transit visa, or work visa. The duration of travel will be different for different traveling purposes. Because when you are traveling for business investment your stay duration will be enhanced than the visa for tourism.

What do you require for a Canadian visa?

Here is the list you required for the Canadian Visa:

  • Firstly a signed application of applicant to the Consular of Canada in Dominica. Legal representatives also sign this application. This application can an applicant directly write to the Embassy of Canada or written by a company must contain the things given below:
  • The real name that is present on your ID card, Dominican nationality, your residential address, certificate of economic liquidity, mention your profession, or your occupation of interest.
  • Further, you are required to mention your relationship detail or parents’ detail along with the application. And if applying individually you must mention nationality, occupation, and liquidity certificates. If you are applying through an abroad consulate this information will not require.
  • If a company applies for a visa for his/her employee who has a Canadian passport must need the following requirements. There must be a company stamp or the sign of a higher-ranked officer of the company on the visa application. It is also necessary for the company to mention that they are responsible for every activity of activity during his/her visit to Canada.
  • Moreover, the application must need the print or type form of 509 references. The application should contain an Internal Revenue form.
  • You must attach your 4 latest front photos with the application. Photos should be 2×2.
  • Even more, you must attach a copy of the front page of the Dominican passport.
  • Last you have to attach a good conduct certificate issued by the Dominican judiciary authority.

Is it is possible to apply for a visa without visiting Canadian Embassy?

Yes, people with Dominican passports can also apply for a visitor visa without visiting the Canadian consular and Embassy. Moreover, citizens of Dominica can apply for a work visas, study visas, and few other types of visas online. But the Dominica citizens need to submit their Biometric information along with the application. Your fingerprints and latest photographs are the requirements of biometric information.


Dominican government makes a lot of agreement for their passport holders. They can easily visit many countries with their Dominican passport without a visa. The stay period is different for different countries. You can also visit Canada with a Dominican passport. But it will require a Canadian visa. You get the visa by applying to Canadian Consular or Embassy and get the visa in 10 working days.

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