Top 10 Must-Have Allergy EHR Features in 2021

The one-size-fits-all approach in allergy EHR software simply doesn’t cut it anymore, regardless of the type of practice you run. As a highly specialized discipline, allergists and immunologists must look for modern, allergy-specific EHRs that understand their particular documentation requirements and workflow needs. Finding the finest allergy EHR software for your practice might be difficult in a market flooded with generic software, but it’s not impossible.

We’ve seen what an intuitive allergy EMR software can do as a consistent leader in the allergy sector and having worked directly with allergists and immunologists around the country. Here are some allergy-specific features to help you improve your practice.

Immunology and Allergy EHR is a customizable solution that is revolutionizing the way immunologists collect, organize, and share patient clinical and financial data. The system includes Allergy & Immunology-specific SOAP templates. These ready-to-use point-and-click templates cover the majority of Immunology treatments and may be fully customized to meet your specific practice needs.

Here are 10 must-have features to keep in mind when searching for the best EMR for allergy practice.

Immunotherapy Billing Automation

It is critical for you to be paid on time as a business. Find an EMR or EHR for allergies that adds CPTs and ICDs to skin testing, allergy shots, and other treatments automatically. It’s even better if the EHR includes a billing module that allows you to process and transmit claims directly from the EHR. Spend more time with your patients while reducing administrative responsibilities and getting paid sooner.

Follow-Up on a Missed Shot

Patients who receive allergy shots must maintain a high level of consistency. Your EHR must track and warn patients who have missed their allergy vaccinations to ensure consistency. Look for an EHR that can deliver automated reminders through text or email to make monitoring easy.

Simplified Allergy Skin Test Documentation

From a single screen, the top allergy EHRs like AdvancedMD allow you to easily document skin test results and designate antigens, allergens, and diluents. A single-screen skin test provides a detailed report on all allergens previously tested for a patient, allowing you to develop a vaccination and make informed decisions quickly.

Monitoring and Treatment of Reactions

When it comes to patient safety, it’s critical to keep track of how they react to vaccinations. Local and systemic reactions can be documented, and alarms for important reactions can be set up in a good allergy EHR.

Patients should still be able to report any allergy responses they may have later if they have delayed shot reactions. Without the patient returning to the clinic, patient engagement technologies with photo-sharing features can assist speed the procedure. As a result, EHRs should be able to record a delayed response.

Integrated Shot Modules and Customizable Shot Templates

One feature to look for in an Allergy EHR software is an integrated shot module, which is as uncommon as it sounds. Shot modules integrated into your EHR allow you to administer and manage your patients’ shots without having to go to another program to check their records.


Mobile EHRs allow you to access your practice at any time and from any location. It assists providers in achieving a better work-life balance while remaining connected to the clinic. On the other hand, patient engagement applications allow patients to take control of their health at their own speed. These, when combined with self-check-in tools, can automate your check-in procedure, allowing your front desk employees to focus on more critical activities.

Preparation and Management of Reports

An excellent allergy EHR should also help you develop your practice by giving you data-driven insights to assist you in making better decisions. Consider a system that uses extensive reporting to keep track of all your operations, both medical and administrative. What’s even better is having a system that generates reports automatically and sends them to the right personnel for quicker decision-making.

Tools for Automated Referral and Authorization

Automation is critical in high-volume clinics such as allergy treatments. Because most allergy clinics receive a large number of referrals and authorizations each day, having an EHR that automates the process is beneficial. Simplifying your workflow can help you save time and minimize burnout among your employees.

Lab and Machine Integration

The best allergy EMR software adjust to your practice rather than vice versa. The ability to provide seamless connectivity to the clinic’s existing machines without forcing the clinic to buy new ones that are only compatible with their software is a must-have feature for EHRs.

Furthermore, the ability to manage, send, and receive lab orders electronically from the EHR, as well as monitor comparative lab data, means less time is spent across the board.

Tools for Office Management

Inefficiencies in the medical office have an impact on the productivity of your personnel and the satisfaction of your patients. Long patient wait times and unhappiness are the results of understaffed office locations. Calls that go unanswered and voicemails that go unanswered will make your patients feel abandoned. It’s also beneficial to have an EHR that handles these tasks for you. The addition of office management tools to your allergy EHR brings it closer to becoming the entire package.

Final Words – Allergy EHR

Choosing the right software solution partner is a high-risk decision. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. The right EHR allows practices to document and treat a patient while maintaining workflow efficiency, optimal use of office staff, and achieving financial success.

If the features mentioned above are what you are looking for in an EHR, here’s our list of Best EHR for Allergy practices.

Written by Crystal Rae

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