Can I use RAM with a Higher Frequency

Can I use RAM with a Higher Frequency

What is RAM Basically?

Random access memory is a type of PC memory that can be perused and changed in any request, regularly used to store working information and machine code. A random access memory gadget permits information things to be perused or written in practically a similar measure of time regardless of the actual area of information inside the memory. If you want to know more about Gaming PC Ram then you will get all the information from us.

Regarding The Topic Can I use RAM with Higher Frequency?

At first, I would need to ensure what it is the higher frequency my motherboard support. In the event that I had as of now have another low frequency RAM introduced on the board then I need to introduce another RAM with the same frequency. Otherwise, the computer chip will diminish consequently the higher recurrence RAM with another low recurrence RAM.

Sometime one low recurrence smash and one high recurrence slam don’t work same time. Depending upon the motherboard higher recurrence RAM will consistently give great execution. If you are Auto Motive lover want to know about automotive products information and review then you should visit AutoMotive Guider.


On the off chance that I introduce higher frequency RAM than CPU upholds, this is viewed as an OC and afterward, it relies upon the IMC of the chip if the Memory Controller will follow the rules with my DIMMs.

I should change settings in Bios for Primary Timings and Voltage as Bios will default to 2133 MHz. On the off chance that my RAM has an XMP profile and I may pick the higher frequency OC RAM then the XMP profile may not be perceived as this isn’t a JDEC standard. It will include some fiddling around in Bios DRAM Timing Control with different Timings and surprisingly then there is no assurance.

Frequently asked questions

Is the RAM size all that matters?

There are a few things that influence RAM execution, furthermore its size, there is another significant boundary. RAM speed (or frequency). What will profit more — greater RAM size or higher frequency again relies upon the use. On the off chance that, while utilizing the heaviest application on PC, RAM is half full, shouldn’t have to build the size. In the event that there is a need to extract more execution from a similar sum (which is adequate for you), may switch for the stick with higher frequency.

You can’t add RAM of different sizes (frequencies/models)?

Obviously, it’s profoundly prudent that I use RAM sticks of a similar producer, setup, size, and recurrence — yet it’s just to lessen the opportunity that issues may emerge. Practically speaking, utilize various models, sizes, and frequencies on RAM sticks, however, there are not many things to pay special mind to:

They ought to preferably have similar voltage and their separate regulators ought to be viable with one another and with the motherboard. Indeed, there might be similarity issues — they generally can occur, so a better attempt to utilize sticks from a similar producer, will decrease its opportunity occurring.

On the off chance that introduce two RAM sticks of various frequencies, the two of them will be dealing with the most reduced recurrence. In this way, whenever installed one stick with 1600 MHz and the other with 2400 MHz, the last will chip away at 1600 MHz, along these lines bringing down its proficiency.


It has no effect assuming the RAM run as a quicker recurrence, upheld by the CPU it will be running at the frequency that is upheld. The basic reality is you’re far-fetched to see a distinction except if you are twofold or triple the distinction of contrast memory. This implies that 1600 MHz and 1800 MHz while in principle one is quicker you truly will not see an exhibition contrast. You would just see a distinction in benchmarking which just gives an overall outline of your likely exhibition.

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