Car Sticker Design – Some Tips to Make it the Best

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If you own a small business or professional service, vehicles can be your best space for advertising as they move around from place to place to take your message to many. By printing car stickers and fixing them on to your vehicle bumpers and window, glasses will help you effectively spread your message and brand promotions. Besides this, car stickers are also a very cheap mode of advertising. With the advancement in design and printing technologies, you can now create any imaginable design as car stickers and use them for a variety of purposes. In this blog, we will discuss some important tips to keep in mind while designing car stickers.


1. Use eye-pleasing colours


While you design car stickers, it is crucial to make sure that you use the colours wisely and be careful about the colour combos. As the car sticker and decals are comparatively smaller to other modes of advertising, you need to create the impression by utilizing this minimal space. It would be ideal to limit the colours to 2 or 3 to create the impact. To draw the viewers’ attention, it is ideal to use bright contrasting colours to print car stickers. You may also consider the light colour background and bright colour text to create a contrasting effect. While doing promo stickers, always be consistent with your brand colours.


2. Use attractive text or slogans


If your business has a catchy phrase or slogs, which can grab attention, you may use it on your car sticker. A slogan that people find interesting or easy to remember will add value to your marketing campaigns. If you do not have one, try creating one on your own or taking a professional copywriter’s assistance. While creating slogans, make sure that it rightly represents your brand value and also, it is also small and easy to stick to the readers’ minds. Try to add your USP into the slogan to make it click.


3. Fun elements work


It is also ideal for adding some funny quotes or jokes on car stickers, which will garner quick attention. You may use your sense of humour, but not any black humour, to make car stickers. Whatever wordings or jokes you use must be evoking positive emotions to build a harmonious relationship with those who view it. Certain graphics and images may be offensive or raunchy, which you must avoid.


4. Be very careful about graphics


While the graphic is important to convey your message wisely, do not overdo it. Take a minimalistic approach to graphics so that the sticker remains clean and readable. Too many photos or graphical text may confuse the viewers and fail to convey the message you wanted to say. Create some dummy designs with various combinations of graphics and text so that you will get a better idea about which may work the best.


Once you follow all these tips and your best possible design is done, you may take a sample print and test drive it. You may ask any of your friends to follow the test vehicle on which you temporarily affixed the sample print to check for attractiveness, readability, colour contrast etc. This will give you a better idea about the impact of your car sticker and needed changes, if any.


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