How to Choose the Personalized Favor Boxes for Your Product?

favor boxes

Personalized favor boxes are an interesting way to make your products more appealing to everyone. Such a type of swag pack gives a mesmerizing display and grasps the attention of customers at a sight.Favor boxes are commonly used for packaging your products at different events. They can be customized according to a particular theme to add more festivity to your celebration. Whether you want to pack chocolates, candies, candles, macarons, or any other item, favor boxes are an ideal packaging solution. Businesses also prefer their use these days for packaging an array of commodities. However, their use on personal events like baby shower, bridal shower, wedding or anniversary, etc has been always in fashion for years. However, you have to design them properly to create a broad appeal. Here are some of the tips to choose personalized favor boxes for your products:

Choosing a Right Style for the Box:

Selecting the right type of box begins with the measurements according to which you want to customize your packaging. You also have to consider what things you want to place inside. A favor box can be customized in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles depending upon your requirement. You may go for a gable box, pillow shaped box or any other unique shape. You need to make a careful selection of shades to enlighten up your event. If you like to print any manuscript onto your box, you may execute it too. Your personalized favor packaging will make your items look more enchanting.


Quality Is All You Need:

The quality of your packaging majorly depends upon the type of material you use to make your favor boxes. While estimating your packaging plan with a designer or a custom packaging company, you have to be very concerned about the selection of material. Your first aim should be the protection of goods and second to give it an attractive display. Depending upon your requirement here are some of the best options to consider for designing high-quality favor boxes: 

  • Paperboard:

Paperboard is the most commonly used material to design packaging for a variety of products including favor boxes. It is lightweight and yields superior-quality printing outcomes. The material is ideal to design personalized favor boxes and customize it according to the nature of the event. 

  • Cardboard:

Cardboard is another commonly used material that is known for its durability and strength. It is slightly thicker than paperboard or Kraft paper and gives an amazing display when used to make Kraft packaging. It is die-cut friendly and supports a variety of printing techniques giving professional results. 

  • Corrugated:

It is the strongest material made from different layers of paperboard with a fluted layer sandwiching in between the two straight lines. It is strong yet elastic and can be used to make different types of favor boxes according to your choice. Especially if your products are fragile like candles, ornaments, or other decorative items, the favor packaging made from corrugated cardboard is perfect to keep them safe. 


Size Is Essential to Consider:

If your favors vary in size it means that you have to be very careful about the dimensions of your favor packaging. Examine how you can save on the dimensions by using customized boxes sidewise protecting your products the best. You might be able to create distinct-sized packages but never ignore your product specifications. This will not only save your time and money but also ensure flexibility by providing extraordinary results and enhancing customer likeliness. When your favors are placed in a custom-sized favor box, it does not only provide maximum protection to your products but also makes them more presentable for the customers. 


Make them Functional to Use:

Most of the packaging manufacturers offer new designs for custom favor boxes to make them visually appealing and functional to use. Practical packaging serves multiple purposes. It should protect your favors, makes them more presentable, and enhance convenience for the users. It should also provide necessary information about the product to acknowledge the customers about various aspects. Working on special design elements is another effective way to make your favor packaging more functional to use. Introduce handles, inserts, windows, or die-cuts on your favor boxes to boost their appeal and practicality. 


Go for Custom Print Effects:

The only limit to a company’s creativity to design favor packaging is their imagination. Now the businesses have unlimited options for custom print effects to make their boxes look prettier than ever.  The idea is quick to implement and affordable. You may learn interesting things about custom print effects to make them successfully implement on your product’s packaging. 

  • Ink Effects:

Custom ink effects add more attractiveness to your favor packaging. They are also useful to deliver a cohesive marketing message to set your brand apart. Go for CMYK and PMS while selecting colors or choose custom ink and coatings to make your products pop. They include traditional colors, metallics, as well as scratch and sniff scented varieties. 


  • Other Specialized Finishing Effects:

Specialized finishing effects are used to enhance the grace and elegance of your favor packaging. They also add on an extra layer of protection increasing its appeal. Foil stamping, embossing/debossing, and spot UV printing are some of the popular options. Foil stamping adds a luxurious touch to your package. The heated foil is pressed onto the required surface to create a three-dimensional effect. Embossing brings a raised texture with words and design, giving a more eye-catchy look to your favor packaging. The embossing can be done in the same color as the package or use metallic foils to give a popping effect. With Spot UV printing, ultra-violet light is used to make a glossy ink coating on your packaging. It gives a shiny print effect that is perfect for highlighting the key text like a logo or the product name on your custom favor boxes.



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