CBD benefits for athletes and how to choose your CBD products

cbd oils near me
cbd oils near me

Cannabis is often summed up in terms of its recreational use and the psychotropic effects of THC, the only psychotropic molecule in hemp. Other molecules are now being studied, isolated and worked on, including cannabidiol or CBD.

As you probably know, CBD oil has a full therapeutic potential: anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiolytic, anti-psychotic, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, etc… Thanks to all the superpowers attributed to this age-old plant, cannabis could become an ally for sportspeople. You can even purchase CBD products and high quality CBD Hash online, safely and legally. 

Why should CBD be used by athletes? 

Studies have shown that CBD interacts with certain receptors in the brain that regulate the perception of pain and inflammation. According to professional athletes who use CBD such as CBD flowers, it is beneficial for a number of reasons after intense sporting activity, but also before.


· Improves concentration and encourages risk-taking

· Reduced stress before a competition

· Increased energy without the consequent nervousness of other stimulants such as coffee or other energy drinks.

After the competition:

· Reduced muscle cramps and soreness.

· Speeds up muscle recovery by reducing inflammation.

· Reduced aches and pains, enabling high-level sportspeople to cope better with intense training loads.

· Improved sleep quality, indirectly leading to better physical and mental recovery.

· Faster recovery from injuries.

· Substitution for highly addictive opioid-based painkillers.

How do I choose the correct dose of CBD for sportspeople?

It’s important to note that CBD is enjoying legal status around England and Europe. As for the dosage of cannabidiol, it depends on each sportsperson. However, there are a few criteria to determine the right dosage. These include CBD concentration, the athlete’s weight, body chemistry and product quality.

Take CBD concentration into account

All cannabidiol products sold in CBD shops have varying concentrations of CBD. For example, when you take a CBD oil, you’ll see different concentrations of 5%, 10%, 20% and 30% on the labels. And from one concentration to another, the effects of the substance differ.

Taking the athlete’s weight into account

Like other food supplements sold in specialist shops, CBD also needs to be dosed according to the consumer’s weight. The heavier the athlete, the higher the dose of cannabidiol required for the effects to be felt. The conventional dosage is between 1 and 6 mg per 5 kg. So a 70 kg athlete needs to consume 14 and 70 mg of CBD a day.

Taking body chemistry into account

Body chemistry in athletes, as in any other individual, can impact CBD concentrate’s action. By way of illustration, if two marathon runners of identical weight and height take CBD together, it is not obvious that they will react similarly. It is, therefore important to dose cannabidiol to each individual. Also, taking medication can inhibit or reverse the effect of CBD.

Take into account the quality of cannabidiol

CBD quality is one of the most important criteria for buying CBD in Europe or in other countries where it is legal. In CBD shops, cannabidiol-based products are not identical, which also differentiates their effectiveness. CBD oil produced from an organic hemp plant using the supercritical CO2 method preserves the organoleptic qualities of cannabis. It is, therefore, more effective than other CBD products of lesser quality.

Take your medical condition into account

The quality of CBD to be consumed by an athlete experiencing mild symptoms and one suffering from more severe symptoms is completely different.

In their book “CBD: A patient’s guide to medical cannabis”, CBD specialists Leonardo Leinow and Juliana Birnbaum advocate a progressive approach to medical cannabis. Depending on the illness, they recommend dosing with micro-doses, standard doses or macro-doses. Patients can then increase the dose of CBD every week until they find the right dose for their needs and profile.

How do I choose CBD for sport?

As mentioned above, CBD is particularly popular with sportspeople, as it can help them recover better between training sessions and compositions thanks to its relaxing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anxiolytic properties. However, choosing the right CBD is essential if you want it to be more effective. To make it easier, follow the advice below.

Recognising the best CBD extraction process

It’s also important to recognise the different methods for extracting cannabidiol from the hemp plant, but not all are created equal. The most recommended way is CO2 extraction. Using carbon dioxide, this produces the purest, highest-quality cannabidiol. The best CBD products sold in specialist CBD shops are obtained using this technique.

The other natural method is oil extraction. With this technique, cannabidiol is extracted using edible oils. No harmful chemical residues are left behind, but the quality of the substance obtained is lower.

However, the method to avoid this is solvent extraction. It can leave traces of solvents in the finished product. Finally, note that the quality and price of the finished product depend largely on the technique used.

Check the certificate of analysis issued by the laboratory

Whatever CBD product you wish to buy, always ask for its Certificate of Analysis or Origin (CAO). This document shows the tests on the product in question and allows you to check the CBD and THC levels. The CAO also contains information about the standards met in manufacturing the product. In short, it contains all the information you need to judge the quality of CBD. Companies such as, which conform to all European laws and standards, are the best for purchasing the highest quality CBD and hemp products. 

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