Do These Things to Make Sure Your Xbox Isn’t Hacked

On average, 0.5% of Microsoft accounts are compromised every month. If you have an Xbox Live account, you should make sure that it’s as secure as possible. 

To protect your Xbox, you should ensure that you follow some basic security precautions. Securing your account, being mindful of passwords, and preventing others from accessing your account will be essential to stay protected from hackers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you should do if you don’t want to have your Xbox hacked.

Preventing Xbox Live Hacking

So how do you prevent hacking when using Xbox Live? Here’s what you should pay attention to.

Add Contact Methods

One of the key things that you can do to improve Xbox security is to make sure that you’ve optimized the security settings on your account. You should be making use of all of the security options that are available.

To do this, you’ll need to log in to your account via the Microsoft login page. You can then go into account management settings and visit the security section to enter various details. Here you’ll be able to add an email address and phone number to your account.

Adding this information can help you regain access to your account again if you ever lose access to it. Adding more than one contact method is important in case you lose access to either your phone or email.

Create a Strong Password

As part of Xbox account security, be sure that you set a strong and unique password.

Don’t use a password that you use for other accounts but make sure it’s unique to your Microsoft account. Ensure that you use multiple types of characters in your password and ensure it won’t be guessed by anyone.

Once you’ve set your password, never share it with anyone. Aim to keep it as secure as possible.

Activate 2-Factor Authentication

Xbox Live allows you to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA), so make sure that you do this to ensure that your account is as secure as possible.

In security settings, you’ll be able to add an additional way to sign in to Xbox Live as an extra step during the login process. You can choose to use an app, your Windows PC, or a security key. You can also have a code sent to you by email or text.

Choosing any of these options is a great idea and will allow you to keep a much more secure Xbox Live account.

Update Personal Information

From time to time, it’s important that you log into your Xbox Live account and take the time to update your personal information. Having up-to-date personal information in your account will make it easier for you to regain access to your account if there’s ever an issue.

With this information, it will be easier for Microsoft to verify that you are who you say you are. It will make it easier for Microsoft to help you regain access to your account and prevent hacking attempts.

Avoid Sharing Personal Information

Whenever anyone sends a message to you or speaks to you on Xbox Live, you should be wary of them.

Don’t share personal information with anyone online or on Xbox Live. Ensure that you aren’t making it easy for others to gain access to your account.

Using common sense and keeping important login information and Xbox Live account information private is essential for staying safe online. 

Be Careful on Public Wi-Fi

While you likely use your account at home for the most part, it’s worth remembering that public Wi-Fi is a bit more dangerous to use than private internet access.

Public Wi-Fi is less secure and hackers sometimes try to hack other systems that are connected to the same internet connection. If you use any public Wi-Fi with your Xbox, consider using a VPN. This will help keep your connection as safe and secure as possible.

Avoid Sharing Your Xbox Live Account

Don’t be tempted to let a friend or family member have your Xbox Live password or account information. Even if you give it to someone you trust, it will increase the chances of mistakes being made.

The less you share information, the less likely it will be that a hacker will get access to your password and be able to take control of your Xbox Live account.

Be Mindful of Your IP Address

When using Xbox Live, it’s a good idea to be mindful of your IP address.

An IP address can be tracked by others and some nefarious parties can use it as a tool to get access and hack your account. You can find your IP address using a tool such as Xresolver and can also check the IP of other players using their Gamertag.

Occasionally changing the IP address on your Xbox system can allow you to stay safer. It will reduce the potential instances of hacking and security issues.

Steps to Take If Your Xbox Gets Hacked

If you ever lose access to your Xbox Live account, then you’ll want to take action immediately.

If you’re able to, you should change your password as soon as you notice that someone has accessed your account without your permission. Additionally, you should verify that all of the information on your account is as it should be. You should also be sure to get in touch with Microsoft support to let them know about the problem. 

Finally, make sure to check your bank statement to ensure that nobody has spent any money or used any debit or credit card information they gained access to from your Xbox Live account.

Take These Steps If You Don’t Want to Have Your Xbox Hacked

If you don’t want to have your Xbox hacked, be sure that you take steps to improve security. Using a strong password, enabling 2-factor authentication, and keeping your information up-to-date will help you keep your Xbox Live account secure. 

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