Cerebra: Home to Expert Analysts Specializing in the Implementation of Self Service BI Systems

Only experienced professionals understand how to navigate the complex universe of information technology to make the most of all the cutting-edge solutions  it has to offer. Therefore, it is advisable to spare the time and efforts of the organization’s resources and let them focus primarily on fulfilling their main job responsibilities. Instead, letting a reputed system integrator company like Cerebra take over the management of IT solutions is always a wiser choice for any business. Self-service Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the major specialization areas of the consultancy firm. Hence, it has the finest BI analysts on its team who can efficiently carry out the implementation of real-time self-service BI systems.

Since its establishment in 2004, Cerebra Consulting Inc. has acquired immense experience in extending a wide portfolio of technology solutions including big data, business analytics, cloud solutions, and several more. The IT company’s international network now spans all the way from its headquarters in Malvern, PA, in the USA to neighboring Canada and also to countries in other continents such as India and the UK. Be it information technology consulting, systems integration, public sector practice, or IT staff augmentation services, Cerebra is a reliable one-stop shop for all. Looking specifically at self-service BI, which is among its core competencies, clients can choose from an array of exceptional business intelligence services that also cover data warehouse implementations.

Self-service BI is a data analytics approach that does not require employees and business users to have a background in the field or even in associated functions like statistical analysis and data mining. These self-service BI tools enable users to perform filtering, sorting, analysis, and visualization of data without having to involve their company’s IT and BI departments. Thanks to self-service BI, the IT team can set up data marts and warehouses supporting the BI system, which in turn helps business owners to run queries on their own and produce customized reports with ease. Cerebra’s expert BI analysts seamlessly guide organizations in phase-wise implementation of self-service BI capabilities, which lets users derive valuable insights from the collected data. These fast-paced, data-driven decisions further contribute to profitable results for the business – in the form of better efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

“We at Cerebra let companies augment their business strategies with data elements and empower them with flexibility through a hybrid model of self-service BI. This significantly improves an organization’s decision-making process, whilst helping it establish safe and simple data governance. We have a proven record of collaborating technology and business in an agile structure, which is why our proficient BI analysts can understand your business and its requirements in depth and provide superior results,” says Siva Pola – Founder & CEO, Cerebra Consulting.

Aside from self-service business intelligence experts, the leading firm also has competent experts in artificial intelligence, enterprise applications, cloud migration and integration, and a plethora of other IT services. Cerebra is thus the ultimate digital transformation partner for all companies, bracing them for an ever-evolving and fiercely competitive business world.


Cerebra Consulting Inc. is a top IT company headquartered in Malvern, PA, in the USA having a global presence across multiple nations. It carries extensive expertise in implementing self-service BI systems as well as various other IT solutions.

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