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CocoFax has always been the talk of the town when it comes to the greatest online fax service providers. It has stayed at the top of the list of the most secure fax transfer software, allowing users to send and receive faxes without the usage of a fax machine or modem.

Google Fax Free provides people with an easy-to-use platform to learn more about faxing. Purchasing a fax machine was a thing of the past when current technology was not yet available. The advancement of technology has made our life easier because we can now communicate more easily.

CocoFax is already used by one million people to send and receive faxes wirelessly. CocoFax’s user base is rapidly growing as a result of its 100 percent beneficial features. CocoFax is used in 190 countries, and consumers have rated it as one of the best online fax transfer applications available.

Fax is not supported by default in emails

Google Fax Free shows customers not only how to send a fax online, but also how to do so in the safest method possible. You’re probably wondering why you’ve never sent or received faxes using your email address. The reason behind this is that by default, email service providers do not support fax.

CocoFax is designed to enable customers with the convenience of faxing via email. It acts as a link between fax machines and email. Emails are digital technology, but faxes require a wired link and analogue signal to send data from one end to the other.

CocoFax is available to help you make digital and analogue machines compatible with fax transmission. It converts email attachments into fax files so that the recipient machine can understand them. Receiving faxes, on the other hand, and converting them to digital files for readability problems.

Is CocoFax’s Email-to-Fax Service free?

Yes, but not for an unlimited number of faxes. It’s important to remember that paid subscriptions are always preferable to free ones because they provide you with dedicated access to the system. Because premium products use encryption techniques to preserve your file, your account is privileged and receives additional security.

You should be familiar with how to send faxes using your email account before learning more about email faxing. To get started with online faxing, follow this 5-minute technique. There’s no need to be concerned about installing or downloading any apps. You’ll be able to transmit faxes on the fly if you just follow these procedures.

  1. Register/Login

The registration and subscription process is the first stage. Go to CocoFax’s official website and click the Signup icon in the top right corner. Provide your email address and create a password in the needed areas. This email address will provide you access to CocoFax’s online faxing service.

You won’t need to bother about a fax number because CocoFax provides free fax numbers to its users. You can select any fax number from the list of options, which includes vanity and toll-free options. This number will be kept the same so that you may continue to use wireless faxing.

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CocoFax also offers a 30-day free trial to new users. For a month, you can send and receive faxes for free. You can evaluate its services during this time. Depending on the frequency of transferred faxes, you can subscribe to monthly or premium subscriptions once the trial period finishes.

  1. Write a New Email: 

Write a new email to send as a fax file. In the body area of the new email wizard, enter the fax cover page information. Enter the essential facts in the ‘Subject’ field to give your documents a title. All of these details are included in the papers, which then appear as a single fax file at the receiver’s end.

To convert the receiver’s number to a legitimate address, add the prefix “” to the number. If the receiver’s fax number is 12345, for example, you should type ‘[email protected]’ in the ‘To’ section to ensure that faxes are delivered without delay.

You can also utilize CocoFax’s email-to-fax service to deliver multiple files to multiple users at once. The following file formats are supported by CocoFax for sending as fax files:.doc,.xls,.pdf,.jpg, and.png. You can attach them to the email as an attachment. All files are faxed as a single file.

3: Sending an email as a fax 

To avoid making a mistake, double-check the entered information and fax numbers. When you press the send button, CocoFax will automatically convert the digital data to analog files, saving you time and effort. To make the documents usable by fax machines, they are converted to a Tiff format.

CocoFax sends out automated warnings when faxes are sent. You will receive notifications along with the transmission log whether your papers were successfully transmitted to the receiver’s fax number or not. You can use this file to check for issues, fix them, and resend the file via a secure transmission medium.

CocoFax allows you to receive faxes via email.

Because you have previously registered your CocoFax account, receiving faxes to your email account is simple. Simply go to your email account’s Inbox folder and login. All received faxes will be saved as pdf files, together with sender information and transmission history.

From the CocoFax dashboard, you can see how many faxes you’ve sent and received. It maintains track of all faxes so you don’t miss a single one. CocoFax has also been named the best fax service provider by Forbes, CNET, the New York Times, and Lifewire, among other publications.

Furthermore, CocoFax offers completely working services, eliminating the need to deal with faults and warnings. You can get your hands on online fax transfer without seeking support from anybody else thanks to its one-month free trial and easy-to-use features.


Users can rely on CocoFax for reliable transmission services. You can receive the security and safety of a fax machine even if you don’t use it. CocoFax protects your data from dangerous assaults and unauthorized users, ensuring that no one may access it without your consent.


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