Three Reasons To Do Scrum Master Certification

Scrum Master

According to LinkedIn, the position of Scrum Master was one of the hottest jobs in 2017, with an average base salary of USD 100,000. With the implementation of the Agile methodologies in meeting business goals across industries, a Scrum Master certification qualifies professionals for the role of Scrum Masters trained in Agile working practices. 


Scrum refers to a range of Agile working techniques that focus on delivering quality end product using effective, iterative development cycles. It gives high priority to customer feedback and validation, thus allowing rapid implementation of changes. This type of Agile framework relies heavily on teamwork and communication. 


A Certified Scrum Master is responsible for organising sprint meetings, keeping the team on track and ensuring that each team member utilises the Agile framework to get maximum productivity. They boost the team’s morale and deal with any challenges that may arise during development and deployment.  


Due to the complex workings of each project, the role of a Scrum Master might be challenging, but it does come with a lot of professional benefits. This article focuses on the factors that may motivate a professional to take the next step and obtain a CSM certification


Reasons To Be A Certified Scrum Master 


  • Hones Your Teamwork and Communication Skills


A Scrum Master is proficient in the skills required in the industry he is working for and possesses exceptional communication and leadership skills. The set of practices and methodologies included as a part of the training for Certified Scrum Master certification does not just sharpen one’s technical skills but also give you a better idea of business communication. 


You will also acquire a range of teamwork skills that you can implement in workplaces that have not yet adopted Agile working practices.


Undergoing the certification training alongside your colleagues is even more beneficial as it provides your team with a common language and set of tools. Due to this enhanced understanding of Scrum methodologies, your productivity is bound to skyrocket. 


  • Gateway To A Community


On becoming CSM certified, you shall become a part of a thriving community of Scrum experts. It makes it much easier to network, look for career opportunities, seek career advice, and receive guidance about furthering your knowledge and understanding of Agile methodologies. A directory of all Scrum practitioners is available at for these purposes. 


Just like any popular tool, the concepts involved in Scrum are constantly evolving. So the learning process does not end with obtaining certification. You have to continually improve your knowledge and stay updated with new developments to remain in the game. 


It is much easier when you are in touch with your peers through a global community. It helps you understand the standards being set in workplaces worldwide and enables you to build a dependable network. 


  • Better Career Opportunities And Increased Salary


With the popularity of Scrum Masters and the constant developments in the methodologies, this is a role that is destined to continue soaring in coming years. Certified Scrum Masters are in continuous demand and able to command competitive pay and positions with top companies.


The certified Scrum Master training lays great emphasis on teamwork and efficiency. It enables the professionals to apply to companies that utilise Scrum and even those that are not ready to adopt Scrum methodology yet.


In India, the average salary of a Certified Scrum Master ranges between INR 950k to INR 1550k. Depending on the individual’s experience and qualification in the field, it can go up to a maximum of INR 1200k.


Suppose you are already employed at an organisation you like. In that case, a Scrum Master certification will give you the training to improve your workflow and teamwork practices, thus creating a reformed and more efficient environment in your workplace. It will also allow you to bargain and increase your salary. 




Becoming a Scrum master may come with its challenges, but it is one of the most rewarding certifications. Furthermore, it allows you to improve your workplace’s overall efficiency and productivity, thus helping you achieve greater returns for your organisation. 


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