Custom Candle Boxes Can Attract More Customer towards Your Product

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The candles are the need of every home where they are required for decoration purpose and sometimes, for lighting as well. As with any other product packaging, the candle boxes also need to be designed in a way that appeals to the audience. It is extremely hard to pull the eyes of the customers with some dull or poorly customized packaging. Even if your brand possesses some loyal customers, it will find difficulty in encouraging them to keep coming back with such packaging. In order to make sure that your candle packages appeal and attract well, keep these smarter tips in your mind. For more ideas, you can also check,


Stick with a minimalist design:

For a natural product like a candle, the simplicity reflecting from the packaging can go a long way in impressing the masses of your target market. Not only it makes your packaging looks graceful to the eyes, but it also saves you money since the consumption of materials is quite low. If you are unsure about it, you can always introduce a limited edition minimalist design of custom candle boxes to find out how the customers react upon exposure to this type of design.

It would be unwise to fill out the whole design with the colors, patterns, or graphics that you like. It is because you may end up producing too much visual noise that hinders the selling of your product in the market. Instead, you should prioritize using the design elements that do not clutter your box design or cast an impact on the readability as it procures more attention in the market.


Make it revealing:

When it comes to grabbing the attention of maximum clients in the market, nothing is more effective than revealing wholesale candle boxes. Imprint them with action graphics and illustrations that provide the viewers with a probable indication of the inside products. Make sure they are not blurry since it will contribute to turning the people away from your candle products.

Another revealing design that you can think of in this regard is the window encasement of the candle packages. With the help of die-cut technology, induce single or multiple windows at any side of the boxes. Make sure these windows are made up of transparent PVC sheets since they are quite effective in enabling a see-through feature of the boxes. This feature lets the people know what they are actually buying, and it contributes to the generation of trust among them. Fully transparent packaging is not a good choice; the box with one or two transparent windows works best in pulling more clients towards your candle items. 


Colors with the right appeal:

When there is a discussion about the strategies to attract the attention of potential clients, it would be unfair to give weightage to the colors. The colors are a significant part of any packaging design and are known for invoking certain actions and reactions in the target market. It is human behavior that they always relate everything by associating them with certain colors.

You can either go for the bold hues or the softer ones depending upon who your target audience is. In case you are vying to sell your candles to the female audience, the softer and neutral hues will assure you maximum benefits. However, for male-oriented items, prefer to use bolder hues such as gold, silver, or black. Always avoid using too many colors and choose one or two that provide a perfect contrast with the background in order to give a hint at your brand personality. 


Give it a second life:

Give your custom candle boxes such a refine quality so that the target audience may find them useful for various purposes. While designing them, you need to make sure that they are recyclable and reusable in order to attain maximum positive results. Have you seen a box that turns into a toy after the younger audience consumes the inside goods? Think just like that; with the help of scoring, you can make your candle packages valuable even after the candle items have been consumed. Or, consider designing them in a way that they seem so appealing that it becomes hard for the customers to dump them.

If the candle packages seem unique and decorative to the audience, they might be used as gift boxes for sending precious presents in the future. Other than that, make sure that they are sturdy enough so as to give a chance to the people to reuse them in storing tasks. Giving your packages a second life is always a great strategy for higher brand recall and retention.


Make it functional:

If your candle packages are functional, they will instantly attract clients to the products packed inside. Therefore, it is vital to work on their functionality so that they can gain the confidence of the target market. Their primary goal is to guarantee absolute protection to the delicate candles, so make sure to achieve this by employing quality materials in their crafting process.

These high-end materials will add to their overall strength, and hence, the candles would delivered to the end-consumers in perfect condition. For protection from inwards, you should utilize some custom inserts or partitions that will hold the candles in a firm position without the fear of internal collision. Add some handles at the top and make it as lightweight as possible in order to make it easy and practical for use. If the candle packages are protective and offer convenience to the clients in terms of handling, more and more clients will get interested in buying your candles. 



Well-designed and creative candle boxes can attract a load of customers to your products. Working on its right appeal and making it more transparent can help you outshine the retail shelves. Besides, designing them with a minimalistic approach and making them reusable also make them noticeable.



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