Understanding the Mystery of the Black Rose

When it comes to roses, have you ever considered getting black?

We live in a world today where there is so much ingenuity—to the point where you can get a rose in literally any color you wanted, including black!

While a black rose may not be as mainstream as the traditional red rose, the black rose meaning truly is unique and something that you should certainly consider. A black rose comes with a beautiful history and symbolizes a more mysterious side to romance.

So why get a black rose? And what does it even represent? We’ve come up with the ultimate guide to help you understand the mystery of the black rose and the unique allure it can give to the lucky recipient.

Here is everything you need to know about the black rose.

  1. The black rose is not always black

Black roses can play tricks on your eyes, as the black roses are not actually always black. Instead, they are often a mix of dark hues between violet and red! It really depends on the light that hits the black rose, the location it sits in, and the other contrasting colors around it!

  1. Black roses give off a gothic vibe

There is a fine line between gothic romance and hatred. The black rose poses an interesting interim that really leaves it down to the beholder to interpret. Does the black rose represent a deep and dark love or hate? Only a few will really ever know the intention behind the black rose and sometimes the mystery in it is deeply romantic!

  1. Black roses can represent strength

Back in the ancient Roman days, the black rose was a symbol of strength. The black rose then kept the same momentum as being a symbol of strength well into the gothic era and would often be used symbolically in many stories!

  1. Black roses can represent tragic romance

Romeo and Juliet weren’t the only ones to have a tragic romance Often, the black rose has been used to symbolize the destined tragic fate of two lovers or a tragedy that is about to occur. This is still relevant today and has been used in television shows and movies alike!

  1. Black roses can also represent an intent to kill

Now, this one is a bit morbid and really has only been used by the mafia for this. But back in the day, they would send one of their enemies a black rose as a warning that they could be next for a potential murder victim if they didn’t fall into life. A very chilling way to ignite fear!

  1. Black roses can represent the end of something beautiful.

Often at funerals, those in attendance wear black as a sign of respect. Black roses have become an option for flower arrangements. But more so than this, black roses can also signal the end of a beautiful relationship too and end that chapter with strength. So when wanting to symbolize the end of something in a strong way, black roses can be the best choice for this.

  1. Black roses can make really cool decorations

You don’t need an intense occasion to bring out the black roses. In fact, they equally make great décor for Halloween or gothic parties! It is a unique piece of theming that can really drive the atmosphere of the event.

The mystery behind black roses is not so much of a mystery as it is just a unique way to express something. Whether it be a romantic gesture or closing the chapter on something in your life, there are endless ways black roses can help send the message you are wanting to!

Written by Crystal Rae

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