How to Design Customized Challenge Coins

Close to 1% of the American population is serving in the military right now. While we thank them for their service now, have you wondered how you’ll honor them when they become veterans?

We’ve had a long-standing tradition of honoring veterans and one way is to gift them challenge coins. Challenge coins are medals for honoring veterans and even have a few other special features.

But how do you gift challenge coins that really stand out?

Here’s how to make customized challenge coins:

The Basics of Challenge Coin Designs

First, let’s start with the basics of custom challenge coins. Take a moment to imagine a veteran receiving a custom challenge coin

The first step is to determine the size of the challenge coin. In most cases, the average challenge coin is 1.75″ in diameter. At most, don’t exceed 2″ and don’t go below 1.5″ in diameter.

Next, you want to choose the metal. Most types of challenge coins are made from gold or silver. You can also choose another base metal like stainless steel. If you choose copper make sure you present it with cleaning fluid as copper can get stained easily.

Now let’s look at how you can get more creative with your custom challenge coins.

Making Customized Challenge Coins

Since the challenge coin is supposed to be a unique gift, you want to make sure it stands out.

Think about what graphic you’d like to add to the challenge coin. For example, a veteran might want an American flag or American Eagle engraved on the challenge coin.

Next, you want to consider if you want to engrave their name. Some veterans want their names engraved on the challenge coin to signify that it belongs to them.

For others, challenge coins are secret keys to entering meetings with other veterans. As a result, they don’t want their identity revealed if the challenge coin gets lost.

You can also decide if you want to add a small keyhole to the top of the challenge coin. This is ideal if they want to connect their challenge coin to their keys. 

You can also be a bit more creative with the shape of the challenge coin. If you don’t want to go for the usual circular design. You can opt for a square or rectangle design. If you want to be extra creative, consider making it in a bottle-opener design.

Have a look through different custom challenge coins before you decide on the design for your challenge coin.

Gift Customized Challenge Coins

Now you know how to make customized challenge coins that’ll be the perfect gift for the veteran in your life.

The best diameter measurement for a challenge coin is between 1.5″ to 2″ You want to stick to gold, silver, or stainless steel. When it comes to design, choose a logo or symbol that’ll resonate with them.

You can also consider engraving their name onto it. You can also change the circular design if you want to give a unique challenge coin.

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