Key Things To Consider When Designing a Restaurant Sign

When you are opening a restaurant, there are so many things to consider before you even think about the meals that are going to be on the menu.

A big part of running a successful eatery is the branding and, in most cases, the sign that will be outside your restaurant.

As you can imagine, designing a successful restaurant sign can be a daunting task, but fear not!

By keeping a few key design ideas in mind, you can create a sign that draws in customers and establishes your restaurant as a destination in the community.

 So, if you aren’t sure where to start, look through these 5 tips to design a sign that will help your restaurant stand out confidently.

Keep It Simple

When designing or choosing the right restaurant signs, it is important to note that cluttered signs can be overwhelming and difficult to read, which is not what you want.

Instead, opt for a clean and simple design that highlights your restaurant’s name or logo. Choose a font or a symbol that is easy to read from a distance, so passers-by will be able to see your sign and associate it with your brand.

Consider the Location

The location of your restaurant can impact the design of your sign. If your restaurant is located on a busy street, go for a larger sign with bold colors and text. If your restaurant is in a quieter area, a smaller sign with a more subtle design may be more appropriate.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors can have a significant impact on how your sign is perceived. Bold colors in adverts and signs can grab attention, while more muted tones can convey sophistication.

When it comes to food and signage, research has found that the colors red and yellow can induce hunger, hence why a certain burger establishment that is well known uses them. So, when looking to design a sign that will help your restaurant to stand out, try to incorporate the colors used in your restaurant’s branding for consistency.

If you aren’t sure where to begin relating to colors, call graphics designers who specialize in marketing to help you. For top-notch quality and innovative designs, consider collaborating with an Austin sign company that has experience in crafting unique restaurant signs tailored to individual branding needs.

Make it Unique

Rip-off signs are not only off-putting, but they also showcase minimal effort.

A unique sign can help your restaurant stand out from the competition. Incorporate a quirky design element or use a special material for your sign. Just make sure the design still fits with your restaurant’s overall aesthetic.

Highlight Your Specialties

If your restaurant is known for a particular dish or type of cuisine, incorporate this into your sign design.

However, you should be careful here. If you are, for instance, a high-scale fish and chip shop, it is illogical to show fish on your sign that appears to be happy! So, logic is also important here!

You should aim to attract customers looking for that type of food with a catchy slogan or tagline highlighting what sets your restaurant apart from others in the area. That way, you will showcase your brand in your logo and what you can offer to customers.

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