What kind of high will you get from using a dab rig instead of a joint? Find out more here!

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If you are used to only smoking a joint, you will highly benefit from using other methods of smoking! If you want an intense high, strong flavor, long-lasting hit, and a fun smoking experience, try this new method that is perfect for advanced users.

The type of high you will get from using a dab rig!

Before you can understand what type of high you can get from a dab rig, you first need to know how to use this apparatus. Since it has more moving parts and can be more complicated than other simpler methods, such as using a joint or a vape pen, you need to figure out how to set it up and how to safely smoke out of it for your first-time use.

But what is a dab? A “dab” is a concentrated product that comes from plants or herbs. Smokers will use this instead of a flower and smoke it, but rather will use a dab rig with dabs that look like wax or another sticky substance. A dab rig is a type of pipe that is specifically made for use with a dab, combined with other accessories and components that can provide you with an intense and flavorful cannabis experience.

Learn more: How do you use a dab rig? Well, the process can be quite simple after you try it a few times. Although it can be complicated for beginners, knowing the proper steps of using a dab rig is essential for getting strong hits and intense flavor.

The first step is you heat your nail using a torch to get it to the correct temperature. You can tell the dab rig is done being heated once you see red sparks coming from the nail or if you see the nail turning red. Once this step is over, you can let the nail cool down and then put your concentrate onto the hot nail. The last step is to inhale the dab concentrate!

Benefits of smoking a dab rig

Very powerful

One of the main benefits of using a dab rig is the powerful punch you will get from using this apparatus. Even using a little bit of dab concentrate provides a strong high – which is why the concentrates are so powerful! Instead of flowers that can become diluted or bong water that can take away the flavor, the dab rigs provide an intense high and flavorful power.

Intense flavor

The second characteristic of high that you will get from using a dab rig is the strong and intense flavor. You can choose the flavor of the dab concentrate to use with your dab rig so you can enjoy the smoking experience, choose what flavor you want and then enjoy your purchase!

Complete vaporization

The final benefit of using a dab rig with a concentrate is the ability to provide a strong smoking experience, intense high, and strong flavor at a low temperature. By using the carb cap, you can make sure the concentrate evaporates quickly and evenly.


When comparing the high of a dab rig to other methods on the market, you can enjoy a strong high, intense flavor, and perfectly heated dab to ensure you are getting the best smoking experience possible!

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