Design project of a two-bedroom apartment

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How to turn a small flat into a full-fledged apartment? You can’t do without the professional help of a designer.

The specialists in the luxury bathroom vanities store New Bathroom Style will be happy to help You in solving this difficult task. We will prepare a furniture solution that will fit the design project for a 2 bedroom apartments San Diego, considering all its features. Thanks to it, your apartment will turn into a stylish, beautiful, comfortable room suitable for a comfortable stay, and in a bathroom, your unique bathroom vanity.

Design project of 2 bedroom New York – main features

The location of the rooms in the apartment directly affects the redevelopment of the small premises and drawing up the design project. A two-bedroom apartment, as a rule, involves changing the hallway, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The help of professionals is necessary since there are so many different design options that are practically impossible to apply in practice. Accordingly, professional service is needed to select the best option. Thanks to designers’ tricks, you can sometimes even do without agreeing on specific redevelopment options, as this is allowed by the current legislation.

With all its significant shortcomings, the undoubted advantage of the small apartment is the absence of load-bearing walls inside the room. This feature allows you to quickly implement any design solution while not damaging the structure of the house. Based on the preceding, we can conclude that developing a project for a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn is quite complicated. Still, the result can be simply excellent, so you have an incentive.

Brooklyn design project with two bedrooms – gradual solution

Let’s try to consider different design options for other rooms. First of all, you should think about areas such as the kitchen and living room. The standard size of a two-bedroom in New York is 500 sq. ft. The layout of the rooms, however, leaves much to be desired. Here you should think and imagine how you would like your apartment to look after renovation. 3D visualization can help. Yes, it’s not a cheap pleasure, but it’s worth it. You can create a studio apartment by removing all partitions and internal walls, but remember that one room must be residential. This is the requirement of the law. A two-bedroom apartment for better sleep allows you to fulfill this requirement. Combining the kitchen and living room is what can help you. You can visually zone the kitchen space from the living room using a thin partition, screen, arch, or rack, as well as a bar counter. This will allow you to make the apartment more spacious. The only drawback is that cooking odors will naturally go into the room, so it is necessary to work out the ventilation system as carefully as possible.

Alternatively, you can consider creating a living room bedroom. To do this, mix or remove the partition between the rooms. Thus, you will leave a minimum of space in the bedroom and place only the most necessary furniture. It should be borne in mind that to increase the room visually. It is needed to get rid of heavy curtains and lush fabrics, and, on the contrary, hang light, air curtains, thanks to which natural light will penetrate the apartment. Alternatively, you can make blinds. You can expand the living room with a balcony. It is enough to demolish the wall and insulate the balcony.

Do not forget about a bathroom with a toilet and modern vanities. Combining a separate bathroom is better to free up space to accommodate a comfortable bathtub, vanity, and other household appliances. At the same time, the sewerage system should be thought out as carefully as possible in the design project.

General recommendations for all rooms in New York are the absence of colossal furniture, heavy fabrics, and large household appliances. In this case, it is advisable to purchase transformer beds or folding sofas. Thanks to a professional approach, you can turn a standard uncomfortable Khrushchev into a stylish room in which you will be comfortable. Our experts will be happy to help you where to buy bathroom vanity and create a furniture project for the New York apartments, in which there are two bedrooms.

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