Different Elements Of An Ideal UX For A Mobile Platform

Different Elements Of An Ideal UX For A Mobile Platform

Most of us already know that UX, an abbreviation for ‘user experience.’ Now, for those of you who don’t, UX plays a crucial role in providing users with the experience they need while using mobile devices.

But how do we get the UX designed? Well, you need the experts in this case! You can reach out to a web design agency that appoints designers to create unique UX to meet mobile users’ special requirements.

But, What’s The Primary Focus Of A Web Design

The primary focus of a web design agency while designing a UX is on convenience, appearance, and productivity to engage users with interactive experiences. This is how designers provide pleasurable experiences and develop great designs to achieve optimum appearance and appreciation.

Therefore, let us take a look at these elements.

Top 5 Elements Of An Ideal UX For Mobile Platform

  • Clutter. Most users have already experienced UX designs that feature nothing but clutter. Every button, image, content, and icon incorporated in the UX makes things much more complex.

The best one can do here is to strive for minimalism, but not at the cost of losing the visual appeal of the UX. Therefore, always make sure to prioritize one primary action on each of the display screens.

  • Prioritize: Any quality web design agency will never add too many features to the UX. Most web designers tend to feel that leaving something out can adversely affect the experience for users.

However, that is not always the case. One must keep features highly focused based on core objectives and purify the design by analyzing the most used features while incorporating practical and important elements.

  • Touch Targets: It can really tick a user off when they tap on something, and it does not respond immediately. Therefore, the best one can do here is create controls, buttons, icons, etc., with the minimum size of 7-10 mm, ideal for an average fingertip. Furthermore, one can even ensure that there is abundant spacing between these UI fundamentals.
  • Legible Text: Most of what we do on our smartphones is dependent on content utilization. Therefore, every web designer must strive to provide a reliable experience across all types of mobile devices.

Hence one has to make sure to choose the right fonts that work well in multiple sizes. Ideal font sizes are said to be 11 as they reduce the strain on our eyes.

  • Accessibility: This is one of the most unnoticed components of user experience design and especially mobile UX design. Accessibility is essential for facilitating practical and interactive UX for the users.

Therefore, web designers can leverage the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and use the toolkit to ensure the ideal accessibility.

Final Thoughts

Creating and delivering compelling user experiences is not always easy, but that does not mean that it is unachievable. Quality and interactive mobile user experience or UX designs are becoming more common, and the bar has been raised even further in terms of what users expect from the user experience of smartphones. Therefore, always put in much-needed work and effort in all the different elements mentioned above.

Written by Enaa Mari

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