Different Types of Mops and When to Use Them

Different Types of Mops and When to Use Them

All About Mops: Types, Uses, Pros and Cons


Mops are the most common cleaning tools around the world. When we talk about mop, we only see a popular image in our head – a mop head attached to a stick. That’s the most stereotypical description about mops. It’s surprising to know that we have more than 10 mop designs to date, including spin mop and robotic mop cleaner. Each one of them has a unique feature which makes cleaning a breeze.

Types of Mops and Their Uses

The right mop can help you clean the floor of your home or office faster and better. Learn which kind of mop you will use depending on your concerns, floor type, preferred convenience level, and efficiency.

Spin Mop

A spin mop is a better version of that good-old string mop. It is easier and more fun than its predecessor since it lets you spin the mop head inside the bucket. This will help you wring out the water quickly. You can manually spin the mop for better floor cleaning to remove tough dirt without scrubbing it really hard.

Spin mops include an adjustable telescoping handle, so you don’t need to bend down when mopping. It’s also an affordable option if you have a tight budget.

With spin mops, the bucket has a hand or foot pedal that helps wring out water and the solution. They are smaller than string mop, which makes them ideal for home use.


·         Less boring to use

·         Good for small spaces

·         Effortless wringing of water

·         Effectively removes stubborn stain

·         Works great on hardwood floors


·          Manually spinning the floor

·          Not efficient for larger spaces

·    Deposits dirt back into the water after wringing


Steam Mop

Steam mops are the latest inventions in mop design. It uses electricity to heat up the water to produce steam. The steam is released into a reusable mopping pod by pressing a trigger. This feature helps make removing stains, dirt, and dog hair easier.

If your priority when shopping for a mop is convenience, a steam mop fits your bill. The entire cleaning process becomes easier because you don’t need to wring out water often. This saves you time and effort from taking a bucket of water everywhere you go.


·        Works great on carpets, hard floors, and walls

·         Leaves the floor smelling fresh

·         Less wringing

·         Tough on dirt and stains

·         Recommended for households with pets


·   Moving around with wire can be tricky

·         Needs to use dry mop first

·         Expensive


Dust Mop

A dust mop is a dry mop primarily used to remove dirt and dust before wet mopping. Consider a dust mop as a better version of a broom because, unlike the latter, a dust mop can take out both the big and small dirt particles.

The string mop is the most popular type of dust mop. It has two kinds: looped-end and cut-end mops. The first kind is more absorbent than the cut-end mop, which makes it perfect against spills. Looped-end is washable and durable too.

On the other hand, cut-end mops are great for minor stains. It is sanitary and effective for multiple uses.


·           Great combination with wet mops

·            Highly-absorbent

·     Designed for tiles and hardwood floor


·    Need another mop for damp mopping

·         It can get easily worn out when used with water




Spray Mop

If you’re after the ease of use, a spray mop is your best bet. This mop sprays the floor to get it damp, which helps to wipe off the surface. This mechanism makes spray mop a good choice if you’re always in a hurry.

Spray mop comes in different colors, which looks more attractive than a regular mop. It has a tank which you need to fill in with water and a trigger that you can press to release the water. It has a durable handle that provides a solid and comfortable grip.


·         Lightweight

·         Time-efficient

·         Can reach below narrow spaces

·    Works best on floors like ceramic and porcelain


·         Needs dry mop first

·         The spraying mechanism gets damaged easily


Sponge Mops

Sponge mops are commonly used to wipe spills on the floor. It’s one of the most efficient mops since it can scrub the floor and rinse the spot well after.

Using sponge mops is also economical since the sponge can last for a long time. When the sponge head is completely worn out, you can easily change the mop head. Another feature that makes the sponge mop a good choice is its extendable handle. This ensures your comfort when using the mop.

Aside from being a good scrubber, Polyvinyl acetate material is responsible for this mop’s head absorbency. This means that you will get a scrubber and an absorber in one tool when you buy a sponge mop.


·           Super absorbent

·         The sponge head lasts longer than other mop heads

·        Works great on hard-to-reach areas



·     Needs a lot of water when scrubbing


Microfiber Mops

If you have been using cotton mops, try switching to microfiber mops as they are more resilient and last longer. Because of its excellent absorption capacity, the microfibre mop is ideal for those who struggle with wringing.

This type of mop holds its form even when washed several times a day. In addition, you don’t have to wring them out, which saves you time and energy so you can do other things.

This mop works well on hardwood, tile, linoleum, and concrete floors. Microfiber flat mops pick up dust, crumbs, dust balls, pet hair, grime, microparticles, and almost anything on the floor.


·         Effortless to use

·         Durable

·    Works great on both wet and dry mopping


·         Don’t work well against tough stains.



Electric Mop

An electric mop makes mopping more efficient and faster than other mop types. There are many reasons why you should use this type of mop. First, an electric mop is the most effective form for cleaning tough footbaths and stained floors. In addition, an electric mop offers many features like streams that speed up the cleaning process.

Unlike regular mops, e-mops can achieve extraordinary levels of cleanliness with minimal effort. By using this, you don’t need to scrub hard floors for hours. It also leaves the floor shinier than before.


·         Comfortable to use

·         Time-saving

·    Can remove tough stain even without using extra water

·       Works great on tiles, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, and vinyl.


·         Moving around with wire can be tricky

·               More expensive



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