Some classic Mediterranean patterns that go well in any home

Some classic Mediterranean patterns that go well in any home

If you have been to Italy before, you may have noticed the intricate architecture, the beautiful designs, the eye-catching fashion, and the focus on aesthetics. While traveling through the busy streets of Rome, wandering through the quiet areas of the Amalfi Coast, or gazing at the trendy fashion outfits in the bustling city of Milan, you may have seen classic Mediterranean patterns that have made Italy and the surrounding countries so famous.

But what are some of these classic Mediterranean patterns and how can you bring a piece of your vacation back home with you? If you were inspired by the beauty around you after visiting the Mediterranean, we don’t blame you – the bright colors, focus on nature-inspired elements, and intricate designs have made Mediterranean styles a popular staple in many homes around the world.

Add some European flair to your house by including some classic Mediterranean patterns that will go well in any home.

Classic Mediterranean patterns for your home decor!

If you want to incorporate some Mediterranean brands and patterns into your home decor, who is better to learn from than the top designers for the Mediterranean region? Let’s see a few of the big names and how they can influence your home decor.

Versace Home Decor

The last designer who makes quintessential Mediterranean furniture and patterns for your home is Versace home decor. The Versace Home collection has a wide range of products that can work well in any room in your house, such as tableware, furniture, kitchenware, coffee and tea sets, bed and bath linen, lifestyle products, and much more.

Many of the Versace home decor products focus on using Mediterranean patterns, showcased in the porcelain, tableware, cushions, bed linen, bath mats, towels, and glassware.

  • Bed and bath linen – some of the most intricate products by Versace home decor are the bed and bath linen. Using extremely soft and luxurious materials that are cozy against your skin, the bed and bath linen produced by Verace uses Mediterranean patterns that work well in adding a bit of color and accent to your bathrooms in your house.
  • The well-known bed and bath linens feature the quintessential baroque patterns on the edge of the product, showcasing intricate designs, Italian architecture, and Mediterranean influences.
  • Home decor – Many pieces in the Versace home decor selection include decorative statues, puzzles, ornaments, ashtrays, and paperweights that utilize Mediterranean patterns and influences it be nice accents for any room in your house.

Luca Nichetto, Italy

One of the main Mediterranean designers who use quintessential patterns is Luca Nichetto, an Italian designer who rose to prominence back in the late 1990s. Known for designing products, conceptualizing new materials, and working with various international companies – like Kristalia and Foscarini – Nichetto has created beautiful and Mediterranean-influenced furniture that is perfect for your home office.

Jean-Marie Massaud, France

The second designer who uses Mediterranean influences in their work is Jean-Marie Massaud, a designer who focuses on futuristic pieces, simplistic chairs, and minimalist tables for your home decor.

Carlo Colombo, Italy

Another Italian designer who uses Mediterranean patterns throughout the creative process is Carlo Colombo, a new-age designer who is well-known for collaborating with other top brands in the fashion world, such as Zanotta and Penta. Renowned for his furniture that features clean lines and bright colors, Colombo uses Mediterranean influences that work well in any home.


Bonaldo is a famous Italian brand that is known for working with leading designers to collaborate on interesting products, such as Bartoli Design and Ryosuke Fukusada. Well known for its couches, furniture, sofas, and tables, Bonaldo furniture is famous for its functionality, simplicity, and versatility in being able to change shapes and combinations.


Foscarini uses interesting shapes, swirling patterns, Mediterranean influences, and intricate craftsmanship to create contemporary lighting fixtures and products that are now sold in over 50 countries.


Fabian, an Italian brand, frequently collaborated with the Spanish-based brand LZF Lamps to create intricate lighting fixtures that use Mediterranean influences to brighten up any room in your house.


If you want to add a bit of flair and style to any room in your home, consider using one of the aforementioned Mediterranean designs and patterns to brighten up a dull-looking space in your home. Browse intricate patterns and craftsmanship from designers like Bonaldo, Foscarini, or Luca Nichetto to see how you can use their Italian and French masterpieces in your new home.

Not to mention, browse Versace home decor to find homeware, tableware, bed and bath linen, and glassware products that use Mediterranean influences in their creation. By choosing the best types of products for your new house, you can increase the aesthetic and style of every single one of your rooms. Add a hint of your Italian and French flair to your new house by including Versace home decor in any room in your house.

Written by Enaa Mari

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