Are There Any Disadvantages Of Aluminum Windows – How To Avoid Them?

Disadvantages Of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum is an affordable and durable option for windows. The money and time needed for the maintenance of aluminum windows, in the long run, are relatively low. The problem with aluminum is that it’s not a universal option.

This is because aluminum does not provide insulation. This is why aluminum windows work best in warmer areas compared to areas with a long winter season. Aluminum is a metal that conducts heat, so it adds to your energy bills in winters.

So even though aluminum is a good choice for windows, it does have some disadvantages that you need to consider. Let’s look at the disadvantages of aluminum windows in detail.

Disadvantages and How to Avoid Them

Even though technological advancements and manufacturing techniques have improved greatly, there are still some disadvantages to installing aluminum windows. These include:

1)High U-value and low R-value

Aluminum conducts heat. This is why aluminum windows are not considered energy efficient and do not provide optimum insulation during winters. However, new technologies like thermally improved or thermally broken aluminum frames have considerably improved this problem. Find the aluminum windows and doors Glasgow here.


Although aluminum is very durable, it is prone to corrosion. If aluminum is exposed to salt in the air or rain, then it can lead to corrosion. So just like any other metal, aluminum also corrodes. So aluminum windows are not good for areas near the beach. So you should go with powder-finished aluminum, which does not rust easily. Moreover, the powder coating protects the aluminum from abrasions. You can also use a silicone lubricant or car wax on the frames after cleaning to keep them clean and shiny and prevent corrosion.


Since aluminum conducts heat and cold, the aluminum windows will be vulnerable to condensing. They will also be cold to your touch during winters.

To prevent condensation, properly fill the joints between the frames and the wall with waterproof material and change your windows with thermal break windows.

4)Not resistant to UV

Like other materials, aluminum also does not have high resistance to UV rays, so the coating on aluminum can discolor over time. To prevent this from happening, you can install window coverings or awnings outside the windows to prevent the sun’s direct glare on the windows, thus keeping them looking new for a longer time.

5)No Security

If you want to install grills for security, you cannot do so on the aluminum frames. If you want security, you can put a stone frame around the sides of the aluminum frames and then install the grills on them. This way, you can keep your stylish aluminum windows and also get added security.

6)Small Window Opening

If your aluminum windows are sliding windows, you will be able to open around 25 to 50 % of your window. You can never open your windows fully to allow the free flow of air. Instead of using sliding aluminum windows, you can get various other attractive options for your house.

7)Difficult Cleaning

It isn’t easy to clean the inside of the window section. Instead of doing it with your hand, you can use a vacuum cleaner. And to avoid the build-up of dust and dirt, you must maintain a cleaning schedule and follow it regularly.

Try to clean the aluminum frames every two months and the glass every month.

The bottom line

Even though aluminum windows have a few disadvantages, you can easily prevent them by using the remedies mentioned above. The disadvantage should not keep you from choosing aluminum for your windows.

They are an affordable, lightweight, durable, and long-lasting option that you should consider when getting windows for your house.


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