Is CBD Safe While I’m Doing Infusion Therapy?

Is CBD Safe While I'm Doing Infusion Therapy?

With the growing CBD marketplace and patients finding some of the benefits of this natural solution, research continues into how this compound from hemp plants can reduce symptoms of certain medical conditions. While some CBD users have found it beneficial in reducing discomfort or dealing with stress, there have been successes in other treatment plans. But what about forms of infusion therapy? Let’s take a closer look.i

Cancer Treatment

One of the more common uses of infusion therapy is during chemotherapy to predominantly treat cancer. Chemo delivers powerful anti-cancer drugs to the body. When chemotherapy is applied intravenously, infusion therapy is used to deliver medications directly to the patient’s bloodstream. This targets and destroys cancer-riddled cells and, in some cases, can be used as a form of hydration therapy for those undergoing treatment.

While there is minimal research to show the benefits of cannabidiol for cancer patients, primary care providers, oncologists, and other specialists may recommend CBD products to deal with various side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. Nausea and loss of appetite are common side effects of cancer treatment, leading to substantial weight loss depending on the dosage. In some cases, CBD has been recommended for dealing with neuropathic pain. CBD products like oils, creams, and gummies may help to quell some of those issues.

Pain Management

CBD products have found popular use in helping to reduce aches brought on by longstanding ailments like rheumatoid arthritis. Websites like are providing patients with insights into what CBD has to offer. While research starts with a talk with your primary care provider, these sites direct consumers looking into CBD brands and dosage, and give users knowledge on these products they’ve never had before. This provides new users with some peace of mind as they approach this marketplace.

Infusion therapy is not only used for pain caused by cancer but for other conditions as well. In recent years, ketamine infusions have been cleared as a therapeutic method to manage chronic pain and mood conditions. It’s become a popular form of treatment for patients dealing with chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, and complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS. A member of your care team may permit CBD in conjunction with certain vitamin injections—an IV bag of this infusion can be a great way to deal with these conditions.

Some care teams have found that this fluid for pain relief can work in conjunction with certain CBD products. However, the use of CBD needs to be limited to broad-spectrum CBD products. Broad-spectrum excludes the psychoactive agent of marijuana, THC, while a full-spectrum product removes that compound.

Congenital Health Conditions

Infusion therapy services have expanded into greater realms, from treating auto-immune disorders and gastrointestinal diseases to severe conditions like Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Take, for example, congenital heart failure. IV therapy can be offered to patients with a greater risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks. The goal of this therapy is to provide patient care for a better quality of life. Regularly scheduled treatments through an outpatient infusion center can boost a patient both mentally and physically.

CBD may be permitted by a member of your care team to ease stress brought on by these congenital conditions. For example, if a condition is causing you restlessness at night, you may wish to consider CBD oil or other products to assist with insomnia. It could possibly even put you at ease before heading into the infusion suite for intravenous medication. Be sure to research the best approaches for CBD use to help with any medical conditions you may be dealing with.

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