Do People Still play GTA San Andreas Multiplayer?


GTA San Andreas still remains one of the best open-world titles of all time and even though it’s been decades since the release, there are still a number of players playing the game. GTA San Andreas gained a lot of traction with the its multiplayer version called SAMP, which became quite popular amongst the fans, especially the role play server people been running with thousands of active players. Of course, there has been a huge shortage of players over the years because of competitive online multiplayer games like Fortnite and PUBG.

But that doesn’t mean San Andreas Multiplayer or SAMP is dead in any way, there are still thousands of players playing over a huge variety of servers be it roleplay or fun servers. Although, it’s hard to find some good servers especially if you want to play with players who speak English. But there sure are some quality servers, my personal favorite is B-zone RPG. I remember spending hours and hours playing the game, completing ton of missions to earn money, buy weapons, take part in races, even coming up with random teams to take part in shooting areas.


There are always Fun Servers…

One of the best things about SAMP is that there are plenty of servers available for you to be a part of. My favorite ones are role play servers which can totally keep you hooked for months and keep wanting you to have gain more in the game. But if that’s not your things, there are always these fun, stunt, races and DM servers that are completely filled with fun elements, that are totally worth it.

However, based on my own experience role play servers better suited for players who really want to have a good time in the game for a long time. Other fun servers, as the name suggests fun but for a very short time before you get bore and move on to something else.

Anyways, what it all comes down to is the player preference, speaking of which, there are hundreds of thousands of players playing the game on the mobile as well. Yes! There is a mobile version of San Andreas as well and people actually love it, because when it comes to the mobile platform there aren’t many games out there that can compete with this masterpiece.


Is SAMP Available for Mobile too?

Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer version of GTA San Andreas for mobile and I don’t think there ever will be one but you can always have fun doing what you do best in the game, have fun!

If you want to play the game on android, you can always download it using this download link and install the game on your mobile device for free. The mobile version of the game pretty much works the same way, from amazing graphics to the game play, you can even use the cheat codes in the mobile version as well.


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