Drift Hunters- A Crazy 3D Stunt-Driving Game You Must Try In 2022

what is a carport?

Does the sound of tire frictions seem melodic to your ears?

If so, then let me introduce you to Drift Hunters- a surprisingly good 3D stunt-driving game that might amaze you!

There are quite a lot of things that I wanna share about this game. So, without wasting another word, let’s dive headfirst into them.

A Brief Introduction about Drift Hunters

The talented mind behind Drift Hunters is Ilya Kaminetsky, an Indie developer hailing from Ukraine.

This stunning game solely focuses on drifting stunts rather than competitive multiplayer racing. So, it is a great one to play in your leisure time.

Since it doesn’t mess around with all that competitive stress, I for one found it to be very stress-relieving whenever I felt like taking a break from work. On top of that, you can play the game on both your computer and smartphone.

Moreover, you can make quite a hobby of developing drifting skills and earn bragging rights among your friends. So, if you want to take a quick peek, feel free to give it a roll in your PC, Android, or IOS device for free.

A Fair Review on Drift Hunters- What to Expect

To be frank, I wasn’t expecting much from the game at first as it was free-to-play. But as soon as I started to catch on with the control settings I started loving it more and more. So, trust me when I say this, ‘Drift Hunters’ can give you an exotic experience if you are a motorhead.

Since the game offers impressive 3D graphics, a stunning frame rate, and very life-like drift physics, it can provide you with a smooth drifting experience. As if that isn’t enough, you also can score points by drifting a variety of awesome cars. These points can be used for buying new cars or upgrading your current ones.

So, it is not only about a crazy drifting experience but also about collecting exotic rides. Because there are 25+ cool car models to choose from.

On top of that, there are over 10 challenging race tracks to burn the hell out of your car tires with very precise car tuning and customizing features. Furthermore, it has both auto and manual settings, so you can have some pretty wild rides with your preferred control setup.

Now let’s have a look at some of its features.

Notable Features of Drift hunter

  1. Remarkable and detail-oriented 3D graphics.
  2. Very realistic and precise in drifting physics.
  3. Stunning frame rate.
  4. Impressive customization features like various color options for cars and rims along with parts modifying options.
  5. Precise tuning features where you can adjust front and rear heights, front and rear camber, Turbo, brake pressure, and brake balance. No wonder it claims to have the best car tuning on Android.
  6. Specific upgrade options for cars.
  7. Over 25 splendid car models to choose from.
  8. 10+ challenging track options for increasing your drifting skills to the highest level.
  9. Provides you with both Automatic and Manual gearbox settings.

Let’s have a look at the control manuals now.

Control Manual for PC

  • Gas/Accelerator- Up key.
  • Brake- Down key.
  • Left Steering- Left key.
  • Right Steering- Right key.
  • Shifting Up Gear- Left shift key.
  • Shifting Down Gear- Left control key.
  • Hand Brake- Spacebar.
  • Camera changing- C key.

Control Manual for Smartphones and Tablets

You will be provided with Button, Steering wheel, Gyro options for controls. So a controlling set will appear on your screen based on your preference.

For example, if you choose the Button control settings you’ll have an accelerator, a brake pedal, a camera changing button, a speed meter, right and left steering buttons on the display.

Car Tuning and Customization options

  • Boost adjustment.
  • Front and rear camber adjustment.
  • Front and rear offset adjustment.
  • Brake balance adjustment.
  • Brake pressure adjustment.
  • Front and rear height adjustment.
  • Body and Rims painting options with almost any color.
  • Rims change with a variety of options.

List of Tracks for drifting the hell out of Tires:

  1. City Streets.
  2. Ohio Racetrack.
  3. Akagi Touge.
  4. Icefield Racetrack.
  5. Nevada.
  6. Emashi Racetrack.
  7. Container Yard.
  8. Spain Racetrack.
  9. Waterfront.
  10. GreenStone Racetrack.
  11. Countryside Racetrack.
  12. Tyshen Racetrack.

Well, at this time let’s have a look at the rides.

List of Awesome Rides to Collect and Choose from

Brand Model
  1. Trueno GT-APEX AE86
  2. GT86
  3. Supra JZA80
  1. 240SX S13
  2. Silvia Spec R S15
  3. 240SX S14
  4. 370Z Coupe
  5. Skyline GTR R34
  6. GTR R35


  1. M3 E30
  2. M3 E36
  3. M3 E46
  4. 1M Coupe E82
  5. 335i F30
Datsun 240Z





Mitsubishi Evolution VIII

Impreza WRX

Honda S2000 AP1


Mazda RX-7 Type R FD3S


 G35 Coupe
Mercedes Benz AMG CLA Saloon C45
  1. Fiesta ST Mark VI
  2. Mustang Fastback S550
Lexus GS


Lexus GS


Dodge Challenger Hellcat


Porsche 911 GT 993


Drift Hunters Max

Drift Hunters Max is the latest sequel to Drift Hunters games and Let me assure you it is quite a worthy one. So, this one presents an even better gaming experience with upgraded features.

On top of that, it brings 37 awesome vehicles to the table and 12 of them are suggested by the fans. Adding to that it also brings 12 new redesigned tacks to enhance your drifting experience.

As if that wasn’t enough, this sequel also comes with upgraded performance and graphics to provide you with an even better gaming experience. The upgrades also include more specific and detailed car tuning features. So, why don’t you just give it a shot!


Do I need to change gears on Drift Hunters?

It is totally up to you since the game provides both Auto and Manual gearbox settings. So If you want to shift gears manually then you can go to setting and switch the gearbox to the Manual setting. On the other hand, if you don’t prefer to manually shift gears then you can always stay on the automatic setting as well.

Is ‘Drift Hunters’ free to play?

Yes, it surely is! So, you can download it on Android, IOS, and PC without any worries at all.

What is the best car on Drift Hunters?

It depends on your preferences. If you are looking for speed then you can aim for Nissan GTR R35. On the other hand, the BMW 335i F30 also holds its place among the bests. Again, if fancy is your gig, then you can always go for the Porsche.

Is Drift Hunters a multiplayer game?

Unfortunately no, it isn’t. But as mentioned before, this game focuses on stunt-driving and drifting rather than competitive multiplayer racing.


Don’t you think, Modern racing games are just getting better and better?

Drift Hunters can be quite an example of it. Therefore, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

So, that’s it for now. Let us know your experience with Drift Hunters in the comment.

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