Online Roulette: Time to strike whilst the wheel is hot!

A casino classic that’s been enjoyed by generations of gambling experts and connoisseurs alike, Roulette is still as popular today as it was when first arrived on the casino floor.

A game that requires players to take a chance on lady luck and a gut feeling, only consists of a few elements; a Roulette wheel with pocketed number compartments, a corresponding table, a small white ball and a dealer.

Due to the advancement in technology and internet strength, you’ll find most Roulette players are playing a game or two more frequently on their mobile or devices than heading down to a brick-and-mortar establishment, due to the accessibly, convenience and added bonus from playing from a device, rather than in person. If you play Live Lightning Roulette, for example, you could be sitting around a table with people from all over the world, all trying to predict where the ball will land. However, it’s worth noting that the rules for each game, both on and off-line, remain true to the traditional game.

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How to play

If you fancy a go of the wheel, you will first need to convert your cash into chips. This is the case both on and off-line. With chips in hand, thought turns to what your bet value is and what type of bet you are going to place. A single number, red/black, odd/even and so many more to consider. The dealer will announce when the betting window is open and when it closes. When the closure is announced, the game will begin. This is signified by the dealer picking up the ball, spinning the wheel and the ball being entered into the game. The dealer and player alike, all wait in anticipation for the wheel to come to a halt and the ball’s chosen resting place to be announced. If anyone predicted a winning match, they are awarded their winnings. Once this has happened, the dealer will clear the table and reopen the betting for a new spin of the wheel.

Online Roulette

With players flocking to online casinos to secure a spin of the wheel, there are many variations available, ready for a player to take a seat at the table. There are two types of games available to players, standard online and live.

Standard online games are those which are ready and waiting to play as soon as you press ‘play’, with themes and digitally animated features, such as 100/1 Roulette and 20p Roulette.

Live games of Roulette are also ready and waiting for players to enter the room, and playout the same as those digitally pre-made, but with a few differences. A real dealer and a live stream to a Roulette wheel and table within a specialist casino studio. Within live games, you have access to a chat where the dealer can answer any questions you submit in real-time, this chat also allows other players around this particular table to chat and interact with one another. Unlike a Roulette table within a casino establishment, there is no player amount cap, allowing more players to join the table at one time.

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