Features of writing the practical part of the thesis

Features of writing the practical part of the thesis

The practical part of the diploma project is direct evidence of the student’s theoretical knowledge, it shows what the author can do, whether he can apply for the title of specialist, and in the future to make good use of their professional skills.

The practical part is a mandatory part of the diploma project, thanks to which the work can be positively evaluated by the supervisor and the attestation commission. If this structural part is absent, the student receives a low grade (maximum “satisfactory”). The following are recommendations for those who want to do a good thesis, become a real specialist, and build a career in their chosen professional field.

Content characteristics

  1. The content of the practical part must have a connection with the theoretical sections.
  2. The basis of the practical part is the initial information about the object of study. For example, when the object of the study is a specific enterprise, the primary information will be accounting, tax, financial reports, or organizational and administrative documents.
  3. The content of the practical part is a description of the methods used, which allow the analysis of a certain area of ​​operation of the object of study, such as financial indicators, personnel development system, etc.
  4. By conducting an analysis using methods, the author identifies problems that appear in the activities of the object of study. He develops measures to improve this area of ​​activity, makes the necessary calculations, and then – conclusions and suggestions.

Practical materials and methods

Practical materials are the basis of the practical part of the diploma. They can be:

  • financial statements (charts, graphs, tables, etc.);
  • accounting statements;
  • rules of law (laws, codes, acts, etc.);
  • organizational and administrative documents (regulations, statutes, job descriptions, etc.);
  • indicators of the socio-psychological condition of the team and other similar materials.

To study each object, it is necessary to develop certain techniques, and this is the main difficulty of writing a practical part. Within each scientific discipline, there are many methods, but the author must choose only those that correspond to the topic and content of the project. If the supervisor did not give any recommendations on this issue, you can safely use the Internet. The main thing is to discuss this action in the work itself and make a link to an electronic source of information.

So what a novice researcher needs to remember:

  1. Even if the theoretical part contains several shortcomings that call into question the professionalism of the author, a well-developed practical part will guarantee a high appreciation of the work.
  2. It is necessary to make a clear relationship between practical and theoretical parts.
  3. It is necessary to develop or find appropriate research methods, use them, draw conclusions and suggestions, supporting them with justifications and calculations.

The role of scientific articles in writing a thesis

Informative sources take the main position in writing scientific works. Based on various literary publications, students perform their first essays, and then course, bachelors and diploma work. The more serious the task, the more carefully you need to select the material because it depends on the quality of performance and level of evaluation.

The choice of literature for writing a thesis is of particular importance to scientific articles, because:

  1. A specialized scientific article helps to immediately master the specifics of the problem to be studied.
  2. Using information from articles, you can always make references to different authors (textbooks do not give such an opportunity).
  3. In each article there is a link to those authors who have studied this problem, which helps to expand the list of literature and find additional useful material.

The use of articles is not only of practical importance. Thanks to them, the image of the work itself grows in the eyes of the supervisor and members of the commission. Teachers have always appreciated projects created based on scientific works: monographs, articles, etc .; as well as those projects that contain several sources of understanding the problem, and different points of view of authoritative authors because on their basis it is possible to formulate a personal vision of the problem.

Thanks to scientific articles you can write a decent thesis. No need to waste time searching for such literary sources. Sometimes three articles are enough to create a plan of scientific work.


The library is not the only place where you can find a good scientific article. Recently, it is easier and more economical (in terms of time) to select the necessary literature using electronic catalogs. The principle of their work is extremely simple: it is enough to enter the keywords contained in the project name in the search, and in order for the search to be more effective, it is better to start with general formulations of the problem, and then with more specific ones.

Unfortunately, many teachers are negative about the material from online resources or online paper writing service, so before you start collecting material, you must obtain the consent of the supervisor to use electronic information.

Indeed, the credibility of some sites is questionable, but there are many widely distributed abstracts, scientific journals, conference articles, etc. on the Internet. Similar sources have traditional printed versions, which can be safely referred to.

The selection of literature is the first step in writing a thesis, and if you do it in the right direction, success is guaranteed.

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