Five Tips to Make DIY Moving Easy for You

DIY Moving

The Do-It-Yourself or DIY Moving trend has infiltrated moving activities too now. With the immense cost of hiring movers, undertaking damages during transit, and adjusting to a new place with a minimal amount of savings, executing tasks on your own seems like the best option. Anything that saves money is a plus! But there are a few things that you must bear in mind before you go around shifting massive furniture from one place to the other:

Pick a Preferred Mode of Transport

Remember, this is going to make up the greatest moving cost, hence pick one carefully. Most DIY movers rent out a trailer or a truck and drive to their destination. While others resort to booking a smaller trailer to move heavy items like couches, beds, and refrigerators. Stingier people have been known to save money by moving through a pick-up truck that makes multiple trips. Some people resort to their friends who already own trailers or trucks. Or ask friends and family members to load trucks together, while the truck owner transports the items. There are several options available, pick one that suits you and your pocket!


Declutter, Donate or Sell

This tip comes from James of MoveOttawa, a local moving company in Ottawa. The lesser the number of items, the easier the move. Take this as a mantra during your DIY Moving and get rid of all the things that are covered in dust. You can also get rid of seasonal items depending on the weather of the place you are going to. Go about it in Marie Kondo-style and get rid of the things that you haven’t used for two years as well as those that do not evoke any special feeling.


Moving Day Hacks

For newbies who are testing the waters on their own, DIY moving can be challenging, especially if you do not know how to go about it. Thus, these few tips will make moving day more fun!

  • Use manual loading machines like a two-wheel dolly, four-wheel dolly, and appliance dolly. They have wheels attached to them, thus helping with shifting the weight easily.
  • Packing fragile items with DIY Moving shock absorbers: use old newspapers, clothes, rugs, any soft item to wrap around your crockery. It is not only convenient, but it also saves space!
  • Dislodge the furniture wherever it’s possible: this includes beds, dressers, chairs, and tables. If anything can be dislodged, then go ahead and do it without any guilt.
  • Get packing essentials like tape guns, boxes, markers, labels, packing paper. Make sure you are labeling every single thing – even if it is seemingly useless, this will help you once you move to the new place.

Take Pictures of the Place, Your Goods and Keep Safety a Priority

Often DIY movers overestimate their strength and take on the herculean task of lifting refrigerators or bed frames on their own. Recognize that this feat cannot be performed alone. You must ask for assistance from friends and family – and if no one is available then you must hire a helper. Even if you are using tools for assistance, using them correctly is more important. Additionally, take several pictures of the area before you leave to make sure that no one blames you for a mess created later. Before packing your items, take their pictures too. This way you shall easily recall which box you have packed them in and where to look for them in the new home. This is more convenient than making tediously long lists and going through them later if something gets misplaced.


Hire a Pet and/or Baby Sitter

If you are adamant about doing everything on your own, make sure that you hire professional assistance for your dependents. Looking after babies and pets is a full-time job and everyone can’t juggle both. Moreover, the hustle-bustle might aggravate or irritate your children or pets, thus making the process harder. Unsupervised, dangerous items lying around the house may be hazardous to them as well. Thus, you must hire baby and pet sitters – not only for your mental peace but especially for their safety!


Finally, do not forget to follow all the COVID-19 standard operating procedures – there is no hack for evading the virus without following the guidelines!


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