What Is the Fastest Way to Clean A Garage?

Garages if left unattended can become some of the filthiest places in our homes. That is if you add to the fact that sometimes garages often act as stores. That sets them up as some of the most challenging places to clean.

How does one proceed with cleaning a garage? More so, speedily? Do you try out some of the quality garage vacuums available in the market? Can these vacuums guarantee faster cleaning?

The only way to find out is to read this to the end. So how We promise to have all the answers you need and many more. Let us dive in.

What Is the Fastest Way You Can Clean A Garage?

The fastest way you can have your garage clean is with the help of a garage vacuum. Such a vacuum is specially made to trap the fine dust that is typical of garage walls.

They come with wall mounting kits to ensure that you can easily store them when you are done with the cleaning. Also, they have special filters that trap all the dust in a garage and prevent it from escaping into the air.

Some also come with extension wands that ensure you reach difficult areas of your garage while cleaning. You can thus see why the fastest way to clean a garage is with garage vacuum wall mounted.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a vacuum cleaner alone as a good broom can work as well. It just wouldn’t be as fast as a vacuum.

Now that you know of how you can do this fast, what steps do you follow as you clean up your garage?

Steps on How to Clean and Organize Your Garage Fast

1. Empty the Garage

Most often than not, garages are often full of clutter from all kinds of things being stored there. It is common to see people shunt off stuff they didn’t have an immediate use for in the garage.

As a result, the garage can be one massive mess of cluttered stuff and dirt. Such a garage would be hard to clean thence the reason you should get everything out before starting cleaning.

It shouldn’t take that long, especially if you have some help.

2. Vacuum the garage

With the garage now free of all the junk and other things, you can now vacuum its floor and walls. The vacuum will get rid of most of the dirt and dust in the garage.

Pay considerable attention to corners and crevices as they might hide a lot of dust.

3. Mop the Floor and Walls

Using a suitable detergent and water, mop the floor and walls of the garage. The vacuum will mostly get rid of the dust but might leave some traces behind.

As such, water mixed with a detergent and a good mop should thoroughly clean the garages floors and walls.

You can then wait a few minutes for the garage to dry.

4. Get Everything Back In

After drying, you can now get everything back in. This time ensure you plan and organize everything well.

You don’t want to struggle looking for some stuff after a while. You can hang most things on the wall instead of placing them on the floor. That would save you a lot of space.

That’s the key reason why most garage vacuums are usually wall mounted.

5. Maintain Neatness and Proper Organization

You probably wouldn’t have too many issues cleaning your garage if you keep it well organized all the time.

Proper organization means returning everything to its original place after use to avoid cluttering.

Final Thoughts

Were you continually pushing forward that day for garage cleaning? Hopefully, with these tips we have shared, you won’t have to do that anymore.

Cleaning a garage shouldn’t be such a time-consuming affair.


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