Five Useful Atlassian Products

Looking for a digital solution to increase organization, agility, or both? For any of these, there is an Atlassian solution. Thousands of businesses worldwide have started using Atlassian’s solutions to help improve their business.

It might be difficult to decide which solution—or solutions—to choose when there are so many options available. Below is an overview of five Atlassian products and what they can provide for your company.

  1. Trello

This well-known Atlassian program offers project tracking tools for every type of business—it can also be used for personal planning! Teams can comprehend all parts of an ongoing project, from accomplished tasks to those that are yet to be done, with the help of Trello’s boards, lists, and cards.

This solution was created to provide teams with the details they want to quickly comprehend a workflow. Within shared Trello boards and lists, teams can also conceal attachments, deadlines, and other items. The team can obtain an overview of a project from their shared Trello board and then go into their allocated tasks to acquire more information or specifics as needed, preventing information overload.

  1. Jira Software

Jira Software is designed to make it simple for software engineers and their teams to plan, track, and deliver projects, making it one of the top software development tools for agile teams. For developers, the tool generates a project plan that maintains team cohesion until product release.

Teams may assign tasks, monitor development, modify processes on the go, and check for errors with Jira Software. The planning aspects of the solution are designed to be simple to combine with Bitbucket, another developer-specific Atlassian service, and with the existing frameworks used by a team.

  1. StatusPage

If one of an organization’s services or systems encounters a problem, this Atlassian product provides quick communication to customers and users. Companies can escape the bad press and flood of support tickets that come with downtime, thanks to StatusPage. For instance, if a network problem or error from a third party leaves a website inaccessible, a business can update its StatusPage to inform clients of this problem and inform them that staff is working to fix it.

  1. SourceTree

As one of the most popular Atlassian products, SourceTree saves time on development by streamlining communication between software development teams and their Git repositories. A Git graphical user interface is provided by this application, enabling developers to edit, manage, and view these repositories.

Sourcetree substitutes command lines with streamlined distributed version control features that make it easier for novices to learn how to use a Git client while still being capable of supporting professionals. Advanced users can utilize Sourcetree to examine changesets, stash, or cherry-pick between branches more productively.

  1. Crowd

This Atlassian solution streamlines the identity management procedures used within a corporation. Companies may provide their workers and users with a single username and password to log in to all the apps they need to access using Crowd’s single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Additionally, Crowd can assist businesses in combining any number of directories into a single application, simplifying the management of authentication rights for people inside and outside their company.

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