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An essay is a short piece of writing on a specific topic. It is an academic document comprised of different types based on the subject. An essay could be narrative, argumentative, introductory or expository carrying a personal or informative touch. It can be formal or informal but should follow a proper format and guidelines.

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7 Step Process to Draft an Effective Essay

A step-by-step process to sort your essay writing problems. Students should follow the steps to write an essay more efficiently.

 Tip 1: Decide on a Topic

Choose a topic or theme depending on the requirement and decide on the possible ones you want to write.

Think of what you want to share or what interests you the most. Is there any topic you would like to debate or any information you think to pass on?

 Tip 2: Invest Time in Research

Once you decide on the topic, brainstorm the ideas and thoughts related to it. Dig into deep research and study the facts and information. Ask yourself questions about what you would want to convey in your writing.

Depending on the theme, you can conduct the surveys also if required to serve an effective essay based on primary research.

Tip 3: Inscribe a Thesis Statement 

It is the main idea of an essay that describes the actual theme of the topic and the essay elements that have to be conveyed. It usually should be in the first paragraph of an essay capturing the whole purpose of the write-up.

Pen down your thoughts and draft a catchy thesis statement to make your paper stand out.

Tip 4: Fabricate an Outline

Frame an outline before you proceed to the final content. It creates a base and helps to organize your thoughts in a better way. You can shape it with the help of diagrams, charts or graphs to explain the idea.

The outline helps to connect the dots of the content and free you from jumbled thoughts while saving time.

Tip 5: Begin with the Essay

That is where the actual work starts, you will explain everything about the topic with the justification. It should be in 3 parts- introduction, main body and conclusion. A start should begin with a catchy introduction, working its way to the explanatory body and ending with a summed-up takeaway.

This part holds a descriptive weight of the whole essay and should follow the specified format.

 Tip 6: Pay Attention to Citation

This part of the essay needs to be error-free. Nowadays, plagiarism is considered a serious offence, so be careful if you put someone’s writing. To the solution, paraphrase the content or put the matter in quotations.

The other way is to paste the link to the source website you took the idea.

 Tip 7: Don’t Skip the Touch-up

When you are done with the writing by following the format and guidelines, save your document and prepare yourself for a final go-through. It’s time to proofread and refine your work to fix all the errors that occurred while writing. Run down the draft for the final check with Grammarly to correct the grammatical mistakes. The content should make sense with logical and factual data.

Re-read your essay considering the target audience and for easy readability.

Just to Conclude

Every effective writing requires skills and guidelines. I won’t say it’s a piece of cake, even proficient writers face some difficulties while writing an essay. To make it easy, this post pens down all the tips and tricks a student should consider while writing an academic document. In case you still feel stuck and are wondering, “How shall I write my essay?” You can always seek expert assistance and make them understand your document requirements.

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