Four Easy Tips for Packing Fragile Items

It’s always worrying when you have to move fragile items. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shipping a glass statue, fresh produce, or delicate electronic devices, you need to do everything possible to ensure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

With close to 950 million parcels being dispatched per year it’s pretty obvious you need to do the majority of the work to keep your parcel safe.

Fortunately, there are four things you can do to make it easier, effectively ensuring your fragile item gets to its destination in one piece.

  1. Keep The Box Small

This doesn’t mean choosing a box that is too small for the item you’re dispatching. But, you do need to choose a container that is barely any bigger than the item. This reduces the possibility of it moving inside the box and becoming damaged.

If possible, your packing box can be specially designed for your product, making it significantly safer while in transit.

  1. Add A Data Logger

Perhaps the best thing you can do to keep any parcel safe is to invest in a data logger. These are simple stickers that attach to the box you’re sending. Each sticker has a set of pre-defined criteria.

This could be a temperature range, an impact level, or even how much weight the package can take. If the package is subject to conditions outside of the agreed range then the colour dot in the middle of the sticker will change colour.

You’ll find several companies do high-quality data loggers, it’s worth investing in them as they don’t just warn the receiver and allow them to reject your parcel. They also ensure the blame is firmly placed on the transporter, helping to protect your insurance and your reputation.

All you have to do is choose the data logger that bests suits what you are sending.

  1. Add Packing Material

Naturally, you still need to do everything possible to help the item arrive in pristine condition. That means any empty space in your packing boss should be filled with your preferred packing material.

This will absorb the impact if the box is hit during transit and help to protect the fragile items inside.

It’s worth noting there is an array of packing materials on offer, you’ll have to decide whether you want to go with an environmentally friendly option or the cheapest available.

  1. Plenty Of Labels

A transport service should take care of every package that it transports. However, the drivers that load and unload their trucks are just people with their own stresses and concerns. As such, it’(s possible boxes don’t get the love and care they should. This can result in items being damaged or broken.

To help ensure the package arrives in good condition and the item isn’t broken, you should add plenty of stickers telling people that your parcel is fragile. It can make a difference in how the parcel is treated and whether your item reaches its destination in one piece or not.

Written by Frederick Jace

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