Top Tips To Help You Choose The Right Wooden Door For A Modern Home

When deciding on a new door many people instinctively look toward plastic doors. These have become a very popular option as they are cost-effective, easy to look after, and offer high levels of security.

But, while a UPVC door is a good option, you should also look at solid wooden doors, such as these Parkwood doors. They are stylish, durable, available in a wide range of styles and colours, and can transform the look of your home.

All you have to do is choose the right wooden door. It’s easier than you think.


Not all wooden doors are the same. A standard wooden door has a simple trim but a modern or contemporary wooden door can encompass a wide array of options. Take a look at the different styles available and decide which one best suits your house and your individual style.

There are certain to be some that stand out more than others. However, when choosing remember to think about the neighbourhood you live in. Your front door still needs to blend in with the other houses in the area.


A modern wooden door doesn’t have to be solid wood. It’s possible to install a window, your decision will be what type of window. A small one allows you to let a little light in and see who is at the door. No window and an eye hole allows you to simply see who is there. Equally, you can have a large window to maximize light.

There is no wrong option, just the one that suits you best.

Opening Style

A standard wooden door opens from either left to right or right to left. For many homes this is perfect. But, you can also choose ones that open in the same style as French doors, effectively two doors that can both be opened or just one. It’s possible to get this style of door as a double entry point or barely larger than a standard door.

Another option is the stable door, where you can lock the bottom half of the door closed and leave the top half open. It’s worth looking at the different styles before you commit.

The Supplier

An important consideration when choosing the door is the supplier and manufacturer. You need to have confidence that they are well established with a good reputation. This means they will take care of any issues for you without hassle, making them a better bet than a cheaper option which doesn’t offer a follow-up service.

Check with friends and family to confirm how good a supplier/manufacturer is. You can also look on, social media.


This should probably be the first thing you consider! Once you start looking at the array of wooden doors on the market you’ll appreciate there is a huge array of prices. It’s important to set your budget before you start shopping for a wooden door. This will make sure you are looking at the ones you can afford and choose the right one for you.

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